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  1. Jerry, have you tried using the regimen yet or any actual products to stop your acne? If they work, then you can "enjoy" yourself and be acne free. Or, have you tried taking a multivitamin everyday?
  2. That's exactly my stance on drugs, Guest. Pot, maybe I'll try mushrooms once but I doubt it, and that's it. Only natural and you're safe. Rive
  3. Marijuana doesn't really cause much lung damage as it's not radioactive, like cigaretts. Cigarettes cause cancer because they create lesions in the lungs (from their radioactive material) and then tighten the lungs and deposite tar on the lesions, making them slower to heal. Of course, once you smoke cigarettes for 25 years, they get bad! Marijuana only has tar in it, but instead of constricting the lungs, it opens them up which sucks all of the excess crap out of them. That's why some peopl
  4. Don't think I have neosporin in the house. Will polysporin do?
  5. Today, without thinking, I did a stupid, stupid thing. There was this tiny little pimple thing (it looked just like a head) above my lip from not using BP one night, and I decided I had to get it out. I squeezed and squeezed and squeezed, finally getting it out. Now, my skin is red like a fucking tomato and feels really hot. I iced it, but it didn't do a thing. Any suggestions?
  6. So basically, you just use a teaspoon a day? Wow.. I thought it was more! Don't worry, just keep up with it. You won't see results at first, but in a week or two, you should be happy with it. Rive
  7. I don't think that when I squeeze a lemon I get lots of juice out of it. Could I drink the water and then eat a sliver of lemon each day for the same effect?
  8. Thanks Maya, I think that I'll try going off BP some time next week. I know that it slows down the Red Mark healing period, so it'd be good if this can control acne. Once again, thanks. Rive
  9. Collagen has been proven to not be effective at all if put on topically. The reason - your skin's pores aren't big enough to absorb the large collagen molecules. Sorry, it's a scam. Rive
  10. I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar for less than a week and I can already see quite a marked improvement in - skin texture and skin tone. My skin almost always feels really smooth now, and the red marks are getting lighter. Question - Can I stop using BP if I'm using refined Apple Cider Vinegar, or should I get natural Apple Cider Vinegar and then stop? (Basically, are either of these good for preventing acne). Rive
  11. I definately dis-agree with you. Acne above your lip looks /much/ worse than any other acne, in my opinion. I've had it all, and I can say that the stuff above my lip was my worst acne. Rive
  12. I would say to try using the vinegar method, as it has stopped acne for some of the people on it. I use it, but was already clear, so I can't comment. Plus, it gets rid of red marks and scars too. (For some, anyways). Check on the scar board. Rive
  13. The thing about redmarks is that they fade differently for different people. I've had mine for 6 months with no fading that I knew of before I started vinegar method (on Scar board). 2 years makes sense to me. They take quite a while to fade, unfortunately. Rive
  14. No offence or anything, but I don't see what's there to be embarassed about buying the thing that controls your acne. I mean, there are much "worse" things to buy - immodium advanced for diarrhea? You're just helping your skin here. Rive
  15. Welcome to the boards, DMB. It's good to have you. I used to have moderate acne on my face and I used several commercial treatments, as well as some antibiotics (didn't really work) and then BP. The BP had lots of promise and it started to help my skin, but I was still getting acne. Then I stumbled onto Dan's website and began to use his regimen, (IE: Rubbing in BP gently to have it absorb and the moisterize) and now I'm totally clear, except for some red marks which are fading with the use of