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  1. w/e dude think what you want. im not gonna convince you... and yes, it obviously affects everyone differently so it's entirely possible it helps you. to everyone else out there who's skeptical at all... research this: marijuana and the hypothalami c-pituitary-adrenal axis the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin and the neuroendocrine immunology of the skin. reliable sources tho... pubmed or something... that's all i'm saying. the evidence is there and my case is living proof. don't get me
  2. To the guy who vapes... sorry buddy but i've been vaping for the last three years (volcano baby) and it wasn't any different... yeah it's cleaner and my 'smoker's cough' went away but you're still ingesting THC! if you read the study i provided you will see that cannabinoid receptor agonists (including THC) induce lipid synthesis. and the study clearly mentions CB receptor antagonists/inverse agonists as potential therapeutic targets for acne. now, not only that but you should know i tried ju
  3. Sorry, not tryin to convince anyone that it's a cause of acne bc that would be quite foolish. i said in my case, and my case alone it was the cause. no acne before, cut it out, and acne and hair loss reversed. pretty easy to figure out. the point here is to show potheads how and why it can be exacerbating their acne... umm, i don't think i ever said stress caused acne and the whole cortisol/CRH thing was not the point of my post at all. but yes stress activates the HPA and the stress hormones
  4. cool thanks for the post! and oh yea, sorry about the harsh languange i guess i just get a little pissed off when people spread misinformation about my beloved mary jane out of str8 up ignorance... be it positive or negative misinformation. but yea, i kno i kno, i should be more tolerant. sorry if i offended anyone out there, that's not my intention!
  5. For all those who always suspected their hair loss or acne may be related to marijuana but couldn't quite figure out why... i just had to post this bc there are too many ignoramuses out there saying 'well i know plenty potheads and they have thick hair and clear skin' well, yea i know plenty of people who take adderall and don't have heart attacks or strokes but that doesn't mean it doesn't cause it in those predisposed. JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS NOT DIRECTLY OBSERVABLE DOES NOT MEAN A LINK DOES
  6. htt p://ww w.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_103545.html i guess they bleep out links or something cuz it didnt show heres the link w spaces in the http and www so just take em out
  7. I just got some hyaluronic acid with my Benzaclin Care Kit. I don't know if its a prescription moisturizer but its called "Viscontour" and it works great! I would think it's one of the best ones out there since it came with my benzaclin pump which does require prescription. Check it out
  8. dude come on mang u cant believe everthing you hear or read (especially anecdoctal evidence from a forum!) not only does that girl not have any certainty that it was the green tea causing the oil (it could have just as easily been some other of the millions of variables which change on a daily basis, particularly stress hormone levels) but it could have also been her individual reaction to the tea if she is right. Obviously we all have different genes (and expression of these genes throughout ou
  9. Keep drinking it! Green tea is extremely healthy and NO it does not contain nor cause an increase in dihydrotestosterone (whenever you hear medical advice by word of mouth it's best to check it from reputable source -e.g. pubmed or webmd). If anything, it has the opposite effect of inhibiting DHT receptor binding. I doubt it will make a huge difference in your skin but every little bit helps... not to mention the enormous health benefits for the rest of your body!
  10. Whenever I drink heavily (4+drinks) I almost always have worse breakouts either the day after or the following day but I've noticed that every single time I drink red wine my acne is significantly better the next day! Not just on my face either. I have cystic acne on chest/back and the hard nodules are must smaller/softer the day after I drink a bottle (or two). Has anyone else had this experience? Any possible explanations? While the dehydration part may play a minor role I dont think this