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  1. Hi, A cyst I have have on my face has finally begun to swell up and form a head after a month of just laying there. how do I deal with the cyst which now has a head and could be popped? Do I pop it with a needle and gently squeeze, and risk pushing some of the gunk further down therefore prolonging the problem? or just leave it and don't pop it at all but risk the gunk not being able to get out of my skin, and just laying about for some time and and the cyst forming again later down the
  2. thanks for the replies guys last question, am i right in thinking that seen as i use 1 pump in the morning now anyway, there wont be much difference in shininess with 2 pumps anyway? cheers
  3. does anyone who uses 2 full pumps in the morning get a shiny face from BP? im currently using 1 full pump in the morning and my face isn't COMPLETELY clear, but i dont want to apply 2 full pumps and get a shiny face for college. thanks
  4. can real bad flakiness and dryness cause new spots? ive upped BP but my skin seems to be getting more breakouts than before and its also extremely flaky. im not purging as i had that ages ago. maybe flakiness is blocking pores? thanks people, stay safe
  5. alright people, i was just wondering if anybody else thinks BP makes theyre skin look weird in the morning? my skin goes paler when i put BP on in the morning and my skin looks kinda sticky/shiny. does anyone else experience this and does it bother you? im currently doing the regimen (2pumps) at night and have tried putting it on in the morning but that happens ^^ i dont have a problem at night cos nobody sees my skin but in the morning i go to college and everybody sees it. than
  6. been on accutane for mild acne/very oily skin 4 weeks now. no dry skin yet just dry lips. however i have noticed that i find it very hard to breathe through my nose at the minute. like i cant really i just dont get enough air in by breathing through my nose. there are no grusome boogers up there i dont know what is happening. could be somethin to do with accutane could not :/ it makes that noise you get when you breathe through your nose when you have a cold and everyone hears it. does anyon
  7. hey guys i have been on accutane 30mg 2 weeks 2 days now. oiliness was unbelievable but now thats gone just starting to get a bit of dry skin and already very dry lips. But before i started i had the usual blackheads on my nose but now the oiliness has gone i am left with literally about 200 blackheads, i told this to my mum who would usuaully say "theres not 200" but this time she just said accutane will sort em out :'( i have them on my nose, around my nose and in the actual crease of where
  8. Yeah i definitely could be drinking more water i'll see how that goes, thanks. I think i'm just gonna stick with it for a while see how it all goes
  9. Thanks for the help there if i were to stop accutane now would my skin return to its usual oiliness before i started? or would it stay the same now? because i am debating whether to stop tane and go back on dans regimen because i got a sever migraine and threw up yesterday :/
  10. i am on day 4 of accutane 30mg a day and my face is more oily than it was before i started accutane. Is this usual and if so how long will it take to go? cheers people
  11. Hey anyone who is reading this. Names Rob, 17 male england. Been on regimen with lymecycline, smooth face but blackheads, few comedones and 3 whitheads came up since i stopped lymecycline. have exams this week though so probaly that. Oily skin whihc depresses me. Just popped my first piil, i'll be on 30 mg daily until i see my derm in 2 months. Very scared about this shit especially as my acne isnt that bad so first sign of any side affects other than ; dry skin dry lips dry mouth and dry nose
  12. Hi people i just really need other people's views on my situation i'm so lost in everything :/ I am 17 male England.. I have been on dans regimen which has cleared me up brilliantly. I have 1 pustule which i havent had in agessss (exams this week though so probs that) It got rid of most of my comedones which was my main concern. I have about 6-7 tiny ones left on my whole face and moderate blackheads on my nose, a few on my forehead and oily skin which is all i think about at college. I end up c
  13. hi everyone, so i am 17 male england, i saw a derm about 3 months ago and she recommended accutane cause my acne was depressin me. however i only have closed comedones and have read that many people are left with these which dont clear up. so i was wondering if accutane will get rid of closed comedones if thats all i have? cause i doint wanna go on it, go through it all and not notice a difference. also what are the cahnces of closed comedones coming back after accutane if they do clear up?
  14. so i have been thinking about why i break out in places and i do have reasons,but wanted to know if they were so insignificant that it couldnt have been them that caused the breakouts. 1) when i scrape my chin-line with my jacket zip(the bit at the top) i usually break out with a comedones or two there. 2)when i eat takeaway pizza and get bits round my mouth after the regiemn(so i cant wash it off) i will get a few comedones round my bottom lip 3)when i wake up in the morning and just glide m
  15. Thanks for that! i think i'm gonna go for it to be honest. so in your experience did acne come back at full force after accutane or was it not quite as bad?