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  1. if ur mentally stable enough to have a job and be in school you really don't have any problems
  2. this is stupid he's gonna make hundreds of millions of dollars before he retires. would you care about 4 or 5 pimples (which he doesnt even have anymore) if you could be rich as fuck?
  3. id trade acne for any other disease, deformity, or disability in the world. give me anything i just want clear skin. cancer is a walk in the park compared to the shit i go through. give me a nose 6 feet long, 1 leg, a tail, jacked up teeth, giant ears, a 1 inch dick, and cancer. and make me 4 feet tall. and 350 pounds. even with all that id feel pretty good about myself if my skin was clear
  4. dumbest thing ive ever read. you dont get shit and neither does anyone else with acne. quit lying and quit tryna be a zen master you fake motherfucker
  5. i dont wanna see my face anymore. i cant look at myself. it is an absolute disgrace. blind people can sense my ugliness. thats how ugly my acne has made me. i just know it. its a joke. haha. i cant go anywhere or do anything. too ashamed. people look at me. even ugly people. people with big noses. fat people. everyone. they feel better about themselves when they see me walk by. Im just a big joke to everyone. im gonna smash my face with a brick until my acne is gone. yep. thats my new strategy.
  6. i hope you didnt off yourself yet. we have some things to talk about...

  7. nope. there is literally nothing to like about myself. i am an antonym for likeable. go look it up. you will see words like despicable, detestable, disgraceful, awful, loathsome, pitiful, vile, and worthless. then there's me right there. right after worthless. see? my being is a beehive of flaws. they are born inside the beehive and they never leave. on my face, on my body, in my brain, in my heart..flaws are everywhere. I suck.
  8. a few years ago i read that all i had to do to get rid of my acne was drink lots of water. so i did. i drank 2 gallons a day for 4 months and nothing ever changed. i had to piss like every 2 minutes, literally every 2 minutes. fuck water
  9. I love the fact that im naturally a big sleeper. I sleep a lot. in fact i need a nap right now. that way there is less awake time and thats a very good thing because being awake means i have to live.
  10. fantastic idea im gonna go cop greatest trance hits volume 7 and play it all day, it will either heal me just like it healed you or it will drive me completely insane even though im starting to close in on that anyway. but who cares at least its worth a shot. is it like hypnosis you know where the acne doesnt go away but the trance music makes you think ur a fish or something? so like I wont even realize in my brain that I have acne? this is ground breaking. thank you sir/mam
  11. thanks bro ur a genius why didnt i think of that earlier I tried tane and it didnt do shit. total failure just like every other stupid ass gay ass acne product or theory out there. only thing left to try is my own poo.