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  1. Have not had this procedure done, but common sense should tell you to do cold compresses on the area, that should reduce the swelling. Also the scabs should fall off or heal just like any normal cut does for you, but don't pick at them. Picking at scabs leaves scars which would be kind of ironic in your situation since you are trying to get rid of scars.
  2. yea thats illegal... those people should file for unemployment and if the company did actually fire them wrongly, simply because they had acne, then those people could get paid and all they would have to do is look for another job and until they found one they could get paid.
  3. I feel like I have the same kind of skin issues that you have. I may have to go to a derm and see if I can get this redness problem solved.... Good luck to you man, hope it works for you
  4. I've seen people make fruit smoothies and add vegetables too, it should cover the taste of the vegetables pretty well. You might browse the post on green smoothies, its on this site somewhere... If that doesnt work for you I'm sure there are many many ways to make carrots endurable that is simultaneously healthy, just run it through a search engine, I'm sure you arent the only one in the world who doesn't like carrots.
  5. Oh just so you know man, if you send an email or any kind of computer generated word document to any govt official they can throw it away, however if you hand write it then they have to read it... I'm not sure how this is enforced but I know someone who works in the governor's office here in tallahassee. So if you are really worried about this I would hand write a letter.
  6. Like I've said before, self motivation is the best motivation. Whenever I need to do stuff, I think about what happens if I don't do it. For example, I needed to study for the SAT, I didn't want to, so I thought about what would happen if I didn't. Which would be not getting the score I needed to get the scholarship I needed to be able to go to college, no college meant I would spend the rest of my thanking people for coming to publix and asking them to come back soon (not a bad job, but not wh
  7. Get my research proposal approved, it's been shot down twice but I made some modifications and I think I've got it this time (2010-2012) Finish my undergrad, Chem Engineer (2013) Get my masters (2015) Get a job working as a plant/production/process designer (2015-2020) Use my experience to get a job overseas (2020-death) Throw a wife and kids in there and I'll be the happiest guy you ever met. Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches and take what you're given but it can't stop you from wanti
  8. Lol, I can think of a few things that are way more awkward now... I guess that's just different perspectives for you...
  9. prune juice... clears you out. (Buy a small bottle first just to make sure you can stand the taste, some people don't like it) This is kind of an awkward thread, good luck I hope you can solve this problem quickly
  10. Dan's advice: http://www.acne.org/guide-to-shaving.html If you feel your facial hair is irritating you or you are rubbing it a lot then you might want to shave. If you don't think it's having adverse effects on your skin and you don't really want to shave then you don't really have to. If you do decide to shave have a look around on the board and see what kind of stuff you should be using. I use the Gillete fusion blade and Edge extra sensitive shave gel, its cheaper than gillete and works jus
  11. One thing you can try for next time is diluting the lemon juice with water so its not as acidic on your skin. I've also heard some people balance their skin pH by exfoliating with a baking soda paste (add a few drops of water to a small amount of baking soda, you don't want this to fall off your face but you dont want it to be dry either) and then doing the lemon juice with water. I use Aveeno with spf 15, you probably don't have the problem of getting a sunburn as most competitive pools are i
  12. Not an expert but here's my opinion: Yea a cold compress should reduce some of the hot feelings. Dont make it too cold because accutane makes the skin more sensitive (I've heard) or give the dermatologist a call and see if he has recommendations, he shouldn't begrudge you a little info over the phone if you pay for microderms on a regular basis as well as all that other stuff that required visits. Good luck
  13. yea thats what is looks like... I kinda want to try to explain myself but I'm just gonna take the hit and be considered a materialistic shallow jerk. I know who I am and I don't care what other people think of the way I would do things.
  14. I would drive myself right up to a certain girl's house and ask her to lunch. Maybe I would call her first....
  15. Dam lyssa thats some selfless stuff for a 15 yr old. Good for you. If I won the lottery: 1. New car, nothing to flashy maybe a new camry or new accord, maybe a sonata... I dont know why I just like those cars, plus that keeps the taxes down 2. I would give some to the church cause I would just feel too badly if I didn't... 3. Put the rest in my bank account and try to live the same way and if I need some extra cash I would have it, plus I would need to pay off the taxes, and I could probably