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  1. I have been using it for a year now. I never liked to tan my face b/c of wrinkles. The doctor called back and said the Heat index here is 105 and any sunscreen wouldn't work for an 1 1/2 I was told to wear and hat or stay out of the sun. she was pretty mad at me
  2. I had Fraxel Restore in January and in February of this year. Whenever I go out and know I will be in the sun I wear Aveeno SPF 100+ Face. I went to the pool today for an hour and a half...reapplied 2 times and I come home to a red face??? I'm so confused this has never happened. So is 6-7 months after treatments ok to get some sun exposure? I'm going back for more in October and the reason was so i wouldn't get accidental sun exposure living in GA and all. This sucks. I called her and left a me
  3. Yea but you have to take it 2 hours before and 2 hours after the Doryx.
  4. I believe stress is a huge factor! My life & job have stressed me out so bad! My husband is away at AIT in Va and has been gone for 6 months =( I stress about him and about us moving soon. This is around the time i broke out so bad and the break out caused me to stress out even more! Then i went to visit him 2 weeks ago for a week. I was so relaxed and calm & HAPPY! My acne got about 75% better! Then when i got home I was so happy I was clearing up that is starting heal day by day &
  5. Wow that is amazing! I am so happy for you, must feel really really good to see such positive results. It is good to stick out regimens at least a couple of months. I am hoping to get positives results one day. Hoping these probiotics do the trick, if not then i guess i will try the bactrim eek. BTW your eyes are so beautiful and of course so are u Congrats! Keep us posted if it continues to work out for you.
  6. So I had a horrible last 2 months. I went from normal skin with minor breakout here and there to my entire faced cover in acne! I really think it happened because of a chemical peel I had done on March 22nd. It was all down hill from there. I was given Doryx and Retin A from one doctor... something didn't feel right though and I got a new derm. She gave me Bactrim, Atralin gel & Ovace face wash. I was allergic to Bactrim and was swithced to solodyn 45mg. My face was getting worse! So she upp
  7. Snowangel0917

    Clear skin =) None! I had a horrible break out around the beginning of April! My entire face was coverred in acne. It was horrible! I wouldn't go anywhere or do anything! I just stayed home and cried all day. My derm put me on Solodyn 65mg, Atralin gel .05% and Ovace wash. It took 5 weeks to really notice a big difference! I'm on my seventh month and I have about only two active pimples! They only thing left now are the red marks! Remember not to give up on a product and have patience! It will w
  8. Aww. I'm sorry to here that! Hang in there! It will get better! I thought I was stuck with horrible skin forever... it took 6 long weeks to finally heal! You'll see you will be back to normal in no time! && I'm sure your pee is yellow b/c of the Bactrim. That's what the doctor told me. It made mine smell wierd too! Lol. =)
  9. Ah I am really glad to hear that Snow That is very good news. And best yet No More Hella crazy Itching! I know mine pushed me over the edge as well. I even tried scraping it with the flat of a knife Just to relieve me from the agony. Lol that was so not a good idea but at the time I really did not care about the repercussions involved. Ya know, that is just so typical About the Derm not willing to take responsibility for their major blunder. so they just use excuses to cover themselves.
  10. Thanks! Well I'm doinf alot better than i was a few years ago. lol

  11. Hey :)

    Thought I should leave a comment seeing as I stopped by.

    How are you?

  12. I have red marks that I hate too :(.. the only thing that really gets rid of those is time!! I do find a nice sunbed can help wonders though for fading them (would love to use real sun..but i'm in the UK lol!)!!

  13. Thanks everyone. I'm not sure what happen to me but all of a sudden now it's going away! I'm just left with a million red marks! Omg! I cover I with make up, but they are so red it is hard! The itch has gone down alot too... In the beginning the itch drovE me crazy! Now I would say it itches randomly. I'm going to take to my doctor about my concerns at my next appointment... I just don't want it to have been some kind of infection and have it not treated properly and then have it return... Ug