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  1. Man,I've ditched this blog for a LONG time. Well my acne situation hasn't gotten ant better sadly.I was on birth control and that didn't help either.I went to a new dermatologist and heres my new regimen. 1)Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser (removes makeup and cleans face) 2)Clindamycin Phosphate 1% Lotion 3)Retin-a Micro .04% 4)Cetaphil Cream 5)Minocycline(antibiotic) I do all of this twice a day except for the Retin-a So... WISH ME LUCK! Ill try my best to update daily!
  2. Ok.Im happy right now!XD Well anyways the stuff I have been prescribed is working. Honestly I think it might be the birth control.O: Maybe I can borrow a friends camera and upload a picture? And the retin-a micro is making my face soft (I think) Ill update when I learn the name of the bc.I have also been using Queen Helenes Mint Juliep Masque (spelling?:S) Well horray! And if youre into manga check out Kimi Ni Todoke.(From Me To You) See ya! ~*Sienna*~
  3. Hi.Havent updated in well...*FOREVER* Pretty intense.Well anyways long story short BP seriously hates me.I just took my first BC pill.My dermo also prescribed retin-a micro and some sulfur lotion stuff.It sorta looks like really thick cream.Well please wish me luck! :3
  4. Just wondering how does it taste?Haha.And were you freaked out the first time you were about to drink it?
  5. Hi. Im pretty sure your in the UK right?In the US we have oil-free acne stress control instead of spot control so just wondering. I looked up both of the products you tried and they both have salacylic acid in them so maybe your allergic to that.For now you should try being gentle on your skin and gently exfoliate the flaky skin off with a towel. After your skin isnt dry anymore maybe you could try benzoyl peroxide. Really hope this advice helps.
  6. Yay for epiduo! I just started using it again. Dont know why I stopped. heh. its crazy how many negative reviews it has. :/
  7. Well since cetaphil is a really gentle cleanser not using a moisturizer is fine. And if you feel your skin was better before you should just go back to cetaphil and no moisturizer. Or you can get the cetaphil moisturizer. Its really nice
  8. I havent been using epiduo.I dont know why.Im just the kind of person who gets..bored.Heh.My skin..getting worse.Ive been using neutrogena stress free blah blah blah...idk ow its working really.Do you think I should go back to epiduo so my skin can be ok for school?Please answer.Thanks. ~Sienna
  9. My skin is finally mostly clear! The only place with acne is around my mouth and on my chin. Last night I steamed my face and then I used a facial brush with olive oil on it and well..rubbed it on my skin obviously. After that I just washed my face with Purpose and my face felt so smooth and soft! ^ ^ I also have...only two pimples on my forehead and theyre going down. YAY!
    -First day after using saw an improvement -Works wonderfully against acne -Makes skin feel softer after using -Sometimes when I use it it makes my skin feel a little raw and itchy -Can make skin dry This product is really amazing. The only downsides about it is that for me it made my skin a little raw and itchy like said above and once it made me dry but that went away after exfoliating.Im pretty sure that day I used a bit too much. Usually after I use Epiduo my skin feels very so
  10. You should. I was so scared to try it because all of the horrible reviews. I had it for months before using it. But so far its going pretty good. My skin got a little dry but it went away after I exfoliated and put some lotion on.
  11. Well for... 4 days I think Ive been using epiduo. So far I really like it! Its suprising since all of these reviews said it sucks. And it has bp in it. Strange cuz it hasnt really made me itchy.Strange.But whatever works Ill use!
  12. Thanks for replying!I think I will.I think my mom used to use that lotion or something.Yeah I did.Helped a little bit. And good luck to you too! If you need luck for anything that is. Haha.
  13. The skin all around my eye is super dry. WAH! This is so not fun. Can anyone recommend a really good moisturizer. Id rather have oil skin than dry skin. HELP! Also...personal life here... I went to ask my mom for a good moisturizer or something to get rid of the dry skin... she was in her bed and on the nightstand thing was... a FUCKING HUGE BOTTLE OF LUBRICANT . WHAT THE HELL. Also whenever they *cough* my moms a total bitch. Damn. THIS IS THE THIRD TIME IN A WEEK. God please help me.
  14. Maybe you could try switching lotions.Maybe your skin is oily because it isnt getting enough moisture.