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  1. i hope your skin is better now but you should just put a light moisturizing lotion on until your skin calms down if it was dry and peeling. Then you can go back to the regimen.
  2. So i tried lemon juice for a week and it dried out my skin like no other. I decided to stop and let my skin rehydrate with some light moisturizing lotion. I didn't see any huge difference in lightening the hyperpigmented spots but I'll give it another go. Will keep you all posted.
  3. I agree, I would also try icing for a few minutes to calm down any irritation you may have caused. Then just use light moisturizing lotion and leave it be for a few days before trying anything again. Good luck!
  4. hey chee, thanks for the posts on the before/after pics for dermarolling. i've been looking into it. the skin shown looks like what i have so maybe it will help some. hope you're finding success.

  5. Hi Timehealsall, I am also of asian background, light-medium brown skin and I tan easily. I've found that any pimple leaves a red mark behind for me too. I am also on the regimen. Through my extensive research, I've found that the above criteria (ethnicity, color of skin, easily tans) leads to PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and is quite common. It's also really distressing because even though you've managed your acne, there are all these PIH scars that take months to go away and
  6. Is anyone out there still using Puredeming Intense Gel for their post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? The posts are from a few years back and I was wondering if anyone found any success in using it. Also, in addition to adding it to the Regimen, do you add it on before or after? Any information would be fabulous!