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  1. cool we seem to be starting this regimen around the same time =) hopefully we both get the desired results. good luck xD

    1. bb89

      its been a week

      I had the same issue my first week, I had gotten itty bitty whiteheads. They've cleared up though, and my skin looks better each day. So, I do think it's a purging of some sort.
    2. bb89

      Week 2, day 2?

      Boyfriend drew attention to starting date, he said I started earlier than a week ago. To be honest, I'm unsure. Maybe I have 1 or 2 more days added to the week. Will figure this out, somehow. Products atm. Purpose as my cleanser. Neutrogena on the spot as my BP. Dermasil lotion, in little amount. Gets rid of dry skin. And doesn't break me out. Equate Complete in the day. I ordered Dan's, but it hasn't arrived yet. Add-on's Fish oil pills. Zinc. D Multivitamin. Water, wat
    3. I used be the same way! But then I realized he is with me and I can't hide, lol. He moved in with me months ago, and it was so hard for me to have him see my acne everyday. Not that he didn't know I had break outs and didn't see anything before, but yeah. I went through a phase where I was like "Baby, don't look." or calling my acne out before he could. Which, he would never do. But he's happy that the regimen is working, and he say's I'm looking great, and I believe it. He always complimented b
    4. I have light to moderate acne, right now more moderate. But I've always had jaw and forehead acne/bumpy skin. I think with gentle care and BP consistently used, it might go down. My skin is finally clearing up, but the jaw took a week and a few days to go down/clear up. My forehead is taking a lot longer, but it's working. Since you're not too severe, If just hit certain areas everyday with bp. Like just your chin, not the entire face, etc. But yeah, sorry I couldn't give much help:/
    5. bb89

      My Progress - Beofre and After

      It looks good!
    6. bb89

      super oily skin!! help!

      BP has gotten my oily skin down, but it could be too early for me to tell if it's long term. But regardless, I feel your pain. I'm oily everywhere. Especially on my forehead, lol. How icky:/
    7. I get cysts every so often. When I was younger I didn't know what thy were, and I'd pick. But because I was young, I had little scarring. As I got older and found Google, I realized letting them be, works best. Some people make the mistake of popping them with a needle, when really the infection is deep within the skin. Which is why mostly clear liquid and blood comes out. And so many squeeze & squeeze, and squeeze. Often when it's also popped, it gets infected even worse. So the best thin
    8. bb89

      neutrogena bp?

      So true, I'm still waiting for Dan's to arrive.
    9. bb89

      neutrogena bp?

      It should hopefully bring the pimple/pimples to the surface faster is the Neutrogena bp a 5% because sometimes 5% can speed things up better than 2.5%, Im not saying a 2.5% wouldnt work it just depends on how your skin copes with it. Sadly it's 2.5%, but hopefully she cleared up!
    10. bb89

      Favorite mineral makeup?

      Mineral make up is so hard for me (fair, and most have made me yellow/orange), but avon worked the best for sure. I remember reading somewhere though that mineral make-up isn't that much different from some liquid foundation (some) and that both share very common ingredients. And that mineral make-up isn't proven to be healthier for the skin. But regardless, I liked avon. It stayed well, didn't change shade on me, and gave nice coverage. The only downside is it has some sparkle to it (nothin
    11. My best friend showed this to me a few days ago, and I felt so much better.
    12. bb89

      neutrogena bp?

      I'm a little late here, but BP should work for this. It's good for unclogging pores and whiteheads. And from what you're explaining. It sounds like clogged pores that don't necessarily surface blatantly. Cosmetics, should be used less for a few weeks, to get nice results.
    13. bb89

      vitamin E after BP?

      The oil (if you're not shooting for pills) can be very heavy, and from many reviews I've come across and personal experience, it breaks some people out. Some also report no difference in scars. But I've always believed it depends on the person. It's seemed to go 50/50 on here and on other sites. Some love it for dry skin, and use it before they wash the face, then cleanse to remove the oil. But I personally would never do this. It's very thick. If you do use the oil, a little amount should be
    14. bb89

      Week 2, day 1.

      Finished week 1 yesterday, decided to state week two, everyday (I'd forget at the end of weeks most likely). Products atm. Purpose as my cleanser. Neutrogena on the spot as my BP. Dermasil lotion, in little amount. Gets rid of dry skin. And doesn't break me out. I ordered Dan's, but it hasn't arrived yet. Add-on's Fish oil pills. Zinc. D Multivitamin. Water, water, and more water. Less dairy, more fruits and veggies. Day Story. Reduced papule, dry skin but not as bad,