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  1. Thanks for taking the time you guys. Made me feel better. TMB I'm on Epiduo...Regimen-ish (Cleanser + 2.5% BP/adapalene + moisturiser). Have been doing well overall, just an unfortunate time for a breakout. I'm off to Tasmania. Wheeee!
  2. So after being pretty darn clear for a month, I have this breakout around my mouth. I go on holidays the day after tomorrow and I was hoping not to be worried about my skin. Could someone help snap me out of this "why me" cycle so I can get on with having a good time?
  3. Depressed. Breakout please go away or at least STOP for my holiday.
  4. 63 skin still looks like crap today. 2 more red spots. wtf.
  5. Day 62 The rash came back the day after my last post, but has faded again. Stopped eating yoghurt to see if that does anything. Freakin siggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. Developed a few smallish itchy spots around my mouth yesterday/today. No idea if they are hivish things or regular pimples, it's getting hard to tell the difference. I'm pretty pissed off about them as I go on holidays in a couple of days. My skin was looking good. It took all my self-control not to mangle them tonight, hopefully
  6. Fat Head was a good watch and certainly raised a lot of questions. I too would suggest giving that a watch before jumping on the Supersize Me bandwagon.
  7. Hey, how's this working out for you? You haven't been back for a bit, which would seem to indicate success!
  8. Creative Arts, majoring in writing. Don't judge me by my posts, I don't edit them for grammar/syntax. It's fun to escape the rules sometimes! What are you studying? I.Hate.Stress.Acne. That's the only time I get cysts too. Good luck with your Retin-A! I'm using adapalene (in the form of Epiduo) at the moment and it has made my skin really smooth. Hooray!
  9. Day 55 (well actually 56...need to do something about my sleeping patterns...) So far so good re. the buckwheat experiment. Rash continues to fade. No hives. Skin is dandy- two tiny pimples on my face, about the same on my back.
  10. All over the place this week, but TODAY...I feel okay. I am going on a trip soon and I hope it stays this well-behaved for it.
  11. Your first step is finding a skin care routine that works for you, so that you can prevent any new red marks. You might have success with a change in diet, prescription medications, over the counter topicals...etc etc etc. Have a look around and see what you fancy. Emu oil is great for helping fade fresh red marks.
  12. You guys are making me want to spend money!
  13. Hey, What products are you using at the moment? You have probably already read about this here, but jojoba oil is awesome for dry/flaky skin. I use it every day. Emu oil is good too, particularly on irritated skin and red marks.