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  1. Pictures attached below. Been suffering with these kind of spots for months. I can't really tell if it is a PIH or not, because some of these spots occur in places where pimples was never formed. I used Dan's Regimen starting this week, it cleared up acne well, but left a lot of these kind of spots. I also started drinking half a lemon in about 600ml of water, once in AM and PM. I'm thinking to add another half a lemon during the afternoon, do you guys think it is advisable? Here is my routine :
  2. Hello people, I'm a Asian and am 17 of age. I've gotten mild acne like most teenagers, but it is only recently, about one and a half years earlier, that I noticed that my pimples (pustules) were becoming dark patches on my face. At first I thought nothing of it, expecting it to fade away after a few weeks. It didn't happen, and as the months goes by, some new pimples are formed, some disappear after a few weeks while transformed into dark patches.. It is predominately found on my cheeks, nose an