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  1. I really love my Bobbie Brown creamy concealer and Benefit's boing. The only problem with boing is it only comes in 3 shades so if you don't match one of the 3 you're sol.
  2. I personally have never used MAC liquid foundation but I am a huge fan of their MSF Natural Powder. From what I have heard many people are sensitive to MAC foundations. I personally recommend clinique. Their products are very, what I like to call, 'acne friendly'. Hope this helps.
  3. I also have very bad dark circles and I use Bobbie Brown creamy concealer and corrector along with benefit powderflage. I also use a vitamin k cream under my eyes morning and night. As for MAC concealer I really like studio finish for under the eyes. However you might want to invest in a good corrector as well if you have really bad dark under eye circles. MAC does make these however they are only available from MAC Pro, but Bobbie Brown also makes one which is what I use. Also, Benefit's boing