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  1. I've had this pimple now for 3+ weeks on the left side of my chin. It is slightly smaller than a pencil eraser, but I think it is either a cyst or a very infected zit. It keeps on coming to a head and then the head goes away but the pimple remains. Then it comes to a head again. I don't understand at all. Usually only cysts last this long, but cysts do not come to a head. What am I dealing with? What should I do? I keep bombarding it with benzoyl peroxide, sylicyclic acid, and Tretinoin in the
  2. Then those lawyer commercials are misleading. I guess not necessarily lying, but worded sketchy to make people think it was pulled due to digestive problems.
  3. I know this isn't what you really wanted to hear, but if you break out after stopping all your medicine, maybe you haven't outgrown your acne yet. My dad had acne until his late 20's so I know I'm probably gonna be stuck on topical and antibiotics until at least then :( But look at it this way, people with oily skin age slower. So when you do finally outgrow your acne you will look great while all those people who never had a zit in their life are in the process of getting wrinkly and old loo
  4. The drug was pulled from the market due to claims of digestive tract issues! I'm very worried now that taking it that many times, that I will develop some type of digestive issues. It's been about three years since I took my last dose of accutane, so would it have showed up by now if I am going to develop issues? Also, while taking accutane, and occasionally to this very day, I had/have pretty bad abdominal pain. Is this a sign that I may develop problems? I'm so worried
  5. I had 4 profractional laser treatments, 1 punch excision for a very deep scar, and Erbium laser resurfacing for the scar left behind from the punch excision. My skin has improved drastically from some angles and certain distances from my face. But in certain lighting my skin still looks like shit. Depending on where I'm at, and how shadows are cast upon my face my skin can look anywhere from great to down right disgusting and uneven. I find it looks worse when directly under a top ceiling light
  6. Laser resurfacing, subcision, tca, needling.... Even if, by some miracle, our scars are reduced to a level where we look like normal human beings, will our skin age and the scars come back after a certain number of years?? I'm only 20 and it seems my indented scars look worse than when I was 14 or 15... I can only imagine how my skin will look 10-20 years from now. So am I just hoping for a lost cause? Trying to reshape my skin to be normal only for it to do what it damn well wants as I age?
  7. If you just now noticed them, they are nothing to worry about at all. It bugs me how some people have little shallow indentations on their skin and they think they have scars. I would do anything to have scarring like yours....
  8. I suffered from cystic acne when I was 14, and basically had cysts on top of nodules (conglobata acne?). Being in school, I was always scrutinized by my fellow classmates, even people who were "friends" back before I got my acne. I got put on accutane and my cysts/nodules seemed to double in size. I looked like f*cking elephant man... Eventually, after seeing my dermatologist drain these cysts with a surgical scalpel, I decided I had enough of this sh*t. So being young and stupid, and nearly suf
  9. I've had numerous scar treatments, but believe me, my scarring is so severe I will never have perfect skin. I have cried so many times about my skin throughout high school that I don't even feel like crying anymore. I know that no matter how much I cry, I will look like someone tried to scrape my face off. Scar treatments do help, but they only mask the problem. My scars are just something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. Mine will never go completely away. I've gotten used to
  10. I think that question has alot to do with who is looking at your face. For instance, I'm a dude and when I look at another dudes face, I don't really notice their imperfections (not gay). But women, however, study a guy's face to the last detail if they are straight. I hate to say it, but I'm sure most women who haven't seen me before or don't know me probably notice the scars instantly. I like to look at myself in the harshest light and angle possible so I know what the worst scenario is :/
  11. I always thought that sunlight helped to mask scars... Seeing that sunlight isn't directional and is basically everywhere, which wont create shadows. But recently I've been seeing my face in window reflections and the scars look more disfigured than in indoor lighting. I don't know if it is just the tinted windows that make scars look worse or what? Is sunlight good or bad for hiding rolling/boxcar scars? I've never seen myself in a real mirror outside besides a car mirror which makes my face l
  12. Wow, I'm sorry man, but you are really stupid. Is your entire purpose on this board just to put people down? You can't even see my eyes, or the rest of my face. Plus it was taken with a webcam under a bright light. So you are judging my attractiveness based on a small picture of a scarred cheek? Seriously, get a life. Troll.
  13. Well, I got the sciton profractional laser done. The doc who did it never said anything about it not working for my type of scars. She did tell me, however, that I was never going to have "perfect" skin. She told me that she was amazed at the results from the treatments, but I don't know if she was just saying that to protect her back. If over $1200 was spent in vain, and this laser is useless for my type of scars and she knew that, and took my money anyway........I'm gonna being an extremely b*
  14. I feel you man. If I would of known back in eight grade that my face was going to erupt into interconnected cysts, I would of gone on accutane MUCH sooner. Then if I would of known a dermatologist could inject them with cortisone to shrink them with in a week, I would of done that. But no, I used antibiotics for way to long with no results, then when I finally got put on accutane I just let them go away on their own. Big mistake. My life has been permanently ****ed ever since. I might as well be
  15. Thank you shadowgirl93 for your answer. I respect your opinion and believe you. But the problem is, I don't think girls like you represent most of the majority of girls my age (i'm 20). So I think there may be some that don't mind, but an overwhelming majority wouldn't give me the time of day because of my gross skin.
  16. I've had four profractional laser treatments done on both of my cheeks for severe scarring. It has been about 4-5 weeks since I've had the last one done. I thought my scarring would look better, but under certain lighting my scars still stick out like a sore thumb. Shouldn't they look better after so many treatments? If I remember right, my doctor aggressively treated the left side (my left) which has the worst scars. So will these become less visible after the redness goes away? All thre
  17. Dane Cook scars? Ray Liotta scars? I would do anything to have scarring like that. At least they can go under bright light without looking like a disfigured monster! It's so sad. When people see my toddler pictures and younger pictures they say how adorable I was, and they wonder what the hell happened. My life is a sad, miserable existence. That poor little guy didn't know what was going to hit him
  18. If you can do what? Oh you mean the guys saying they can get good-looking women while having acne scars? Yeah, I'd have to agree... I'm beginning to question the severity of their scars
  19. Has anyone else wondered what you actually look like to people around you? I know I have... I look in some mirrors, look great, then look in other mirrors and have hideous skin. Unfortunately, I have a mixture of severe scarring and mild acne. I just wish I knew what people really see when they see me throughout my daily life. Hopefully, most of the time I don't look as gross as when I'm looking in the mirror. Especially under harsh lights such as overhead fluorescent lighting... So what do y
  20. I think you are the only one who notices them... I would do anything to have skin like yours.
  21. Your scars aren't too bad! Mine are far far worse, even after getting FOUR fractional laser treatments. But if it is really bothering you, getting them fixed is an option. They look like rolling scars which are best corrected by subscision (i think).
  22. colkurtz88 what type of scars do you have? Rolling scars? Boxcar? Icepick? And yes, you are correct. Most girls will not even give us a second glance or thought when they see our scars. If I were a 7 without scars, it would automatically drop me down to a 0 in their book... Which is like "get out the mace" type ugly.
  23. Thank you very much. You speak words of wisdom!!
  24. Thank you HotAsian09 for your answer. I know your goal was to make me feel better, but am I right to assume girls see my scars and immediately want nothing to do with me? If true, then how can I have confidence if girls are grossed out by my bad skin? Looks ARE important, whether people admit it or not. I'm not shallow, but I would not date a girl I didn't find attractive in some way.
  25. Let me start off saying a little bit about my situation. I've had bad acne all throughout middle school and high school, including a case of bad cystic acne which has left my face a trainwreck. As a 20 year old, my acne is still there, but under control and not nearly as bad. The emotional scars that it has left me are almost as bad as the physical scars. Now let me say, I am a pretty good-looking man. My facial structure is good, "pretty" eyes (so I've been told), dark hair, dark and manly ey