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  1. yesterday morning i took my last pill. i still have some blackheads purging but my doctor said they will fall out on their own. my arms are completly sunburned and skin is gradually peeling off. my eyes are soo dry and i can wait to get back to "normal" i stopped drinking and i will continue to be sober until all the moisture in my body returns. I would wake up after a night of partying with my eyes all crusty and dry, blinking was a pain. every inch of my body is dry, the pri
  2. have not had a pimple/zit/acne on my face for a while now. blackheads are still purging. its hard to believe that i they were that deep. its summer and its hot and dry, i do my best to moisturize every night when im at home, especially my face. my face dosent tan, so it looks kinda wierd having a tan body but a white face, haha. nothing to stress about. my eyes are dry and red, so i do my best to wear my glasses when im at my house. i wear gas permeable contacts (hard contacts) a
  3. in my previous entry i said that i didnt have any more pills and it took 7 days for me to get some more.. Now im on two 40mg pills a day, so 80 mg a day. THIS ENTRY IS JUST ME RANTING any ways i went to prom and i was really depressed i guess, and lately ive just been really depressed.. i read the inside of the Claravis blister pack and it seems like i have all the mental problems haha.. except for suicidal thoughts and crying spells. i feel sad, ive lost interest in some of the thing
  4. I am taking four AP tests too! Except I only feel comfortable with one of them haha. I am starting to regret signing up for all of them. I'm takin the Calc AB, Macro/Micro Econ, and Psychology. I only really know the math one though..
  5. Well, I took my last pill on friday night, and I went downstairs to where we keep the drugs and i was all out!? i completely spaced and forgot to tell my parents to call for a refill... So on saturday i went to go get a bloodtest and off course, dermatologists don't work on the weekends. (but atleast i got the bloodtest out of the way) So tomorrow i will probably skip some school and go to Kaiser and see if i can go get a new prescription.. Skin wisee. my lips are dry... i hate it. It s
  6. Knowing someone out there is going through the same “experience†is unexpectedly kinda comforting, too cool. I wish you the best of luck on your claravis journey! Luckily, the end result is always clear skin. yess
  7. Today is rainy and cold which always seems to be the typical Sunday. Day 11 here, and my face is noticeably worse than it was on my last entry. The zits/pimples are sprouting up in little groups. It's like there in families or something, and are they're just moving in. I haven't popped any of them and surprisingly I haven't even been touching them. The earlier whiteheads that i mentioned on day 7 are all dried up now and are just red marks, which is much better than a gross yellowish white zi
  8. Hello, I am 17 years old guy, and a junior in high school. I have been taking 30mg pills of Clavaris twice a day for 7 days now. My acne started around the beginning of sophomore year, and has been persistent since. During this time I tried about all the creams, gels, and antibiotics there were. I ended up sticking with the Tazorac .1% gel. My doctor said, give it time. I did give it time and I saw changes but nothing I was happy with. My face was still oily and always when it seemed like it