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  1. 219(:

    3rd day

    Im completely getting rid of anything with peanut butter, dairy, and soy for the next...however long it takes for me to heal!! im really hopeful about this I know soy was the main culprit to my sudden breakouts ALL OVER my chin, jaw line, and cheeks, where i NEVER used to get acne..so here i go. the journey begins, and my whole life pretty much changes. soolong peanut butter!! and soy lattes! oddly enough the sound of my two favorite things now just leave a sick taste in my mouth. they made my
  2. I'm soooooo incredibly relieved!! i seriously think i found the reasoning behind my major acne flare ups!! yesterday i was drinking my usual soy latte and my throat began to get REALLY itchy. my chest, neck, and face also began to itch. The acne around my chin, face, and jaw line (my major breakout area) began to slowly become flushed and red. Before i began drinking the soy latte my face was much more calm. My nose also started running a little when i started drinking the soy latte and when i
  3. 219(:

    Feel like they will never go away...

    I completelyyyyyy know how you feel. Just over the last 3 months or so my face has broken out in places I never used to and more than I've everrr broke out before...and now Im left with millions of little red dots on my face that makes it look like i have chicken pox. have u tried using aloe vera??? i started rubbing that on my face morning and night to heal the scars faster...I'm also trying the lemon water and green tea methods...it seems to be getting slightly better..
  4. I'm soo sorry..i know how you feel though. I'm soo fed up with acne and no matter how much i try to not let it take over my life, sometimes its hard to just like...not want to rip your face off lol but if i were u i'd definitely stop using the AHA and see what happens...i tried using that for a while and it made my face really red and i broke out worse...maybe it was just bringing everything up but it was awful and im not going to risk using it again. im on the BP regime and so far my face sti
  5. 219(:

    BP treatment gel

    this has been my acne regime for the past 2 months... morning: wash with Dans cleanser wait 10 min apply Dans BP treatment wait 15 min apply Dans moisturizer wait 10 min apply bare minerals foundation night: exactly the same as morning. no make up 3 days ago i switched from doing the BP at night to rubbing aloe vera plant on my face becuase the scarring has gotten soooooooo awful.. Id still say i have moderately severe acne and have atleast 5 active zits each day..the scarring is what make
  6. okay so ive been struggling with acne since i was around 13 and am now 17 and its the worst its ever been. The times i THOUGHT my acne was really bad I look back and laugh becuase it was nothing compared to how bad my face looks now. when i was 15 i started using Benzaclin as a face wash, which apparently isnt the right way to use it but i never knew it was a gel that you were supposed to leave on. I also applied retin A on 0.025% every night and the combination of those two topicals COMPLETEL