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  1. I'm a girl, and I have those nasty pigment discoloration marks left over from acne on my shoulders. My skin tone is light, so it stands out horribly. I was just wondering if there's a way to get rid of it with a product that I can buy preferably under 10.00? By the way, if it helps, my skin is sensitive. It can't handle anything like salicylic acid.
  2. Hey everyone! I just thought I would update my progress since it's been a while from my last post. Well, for starters, I am now roughly estimated at about 95% clear. The only time I get flare-ups are when it's around that time of the month that every female on the face of the earth hates ; ) Other than that, it's all good. My shoulder/back acne cleared a long time ago. Now there's only post-acne marks around the nape of my neck. I think they should have faded by now, but my skin is really sensi
  3. My Final Regimen Note: My skin is combination and occasionally sensitive. I was a level two on the “acne scale“ before I started my regimen and it keeps getting better. In the morning Using mild water, wash your forehead going into your temples with Olay cream scrub, and let it soak into your skin while performing the next step. Since this is a scrub, wash as gently as Dan has shown you.Wash the lower half of your face down to your jaw line with Clean & Clear continuous control
  4. Okay, I realize it's been a while since I've been on here so I'll apologize for that. Plus, I've not paid attention to the daily holidays. I took some time off to just breathe. And you know what? I think it's safe to say without jinxing myself that my acne's pretty much gone. Yes, that's right people, GONE. How did I do it you ask? Well that's what everyone on this website wants to know. How someone whom conquered their acne got rid of it in the hopes that their technique will work for them as w
  5. So today, everything seems the same (like Slimarwen predicted). The only thing that is slightly different is a couple of the pimples on my cheek. I got to pop one so it's going away now, and I have one that completely vanished. As for the third, well, it's getting there. It's a bad time of the month for me so I think that's why everything's worse. It should get better...maybe. The milia on my forehead is popping up more than usual, but I think I'll just dry it out again with a mask. ~Today'
  6. Yeah I really like the second pictures you found. Thank you! Also, because you asked, I have thick hair.
  7. No, it won't. I believe Dan says that himself somewhere on this site. You need an oil of some sort like Rose Hip or a product the specifies in spot-fading. Or Dan's AHA. Try peels as well .
  8. You have nice skin :) How'd you get it that way? Step by step if you please. Also, what's your skin type?

  9. Hi I'm a girl, and I have a heart shaped face and acne. I currently have it shoulder-length and I never color-treat. In my opinion I have a fantatic natural color so I don't want to screw it up. I also think I have sort-of large ears, where if I put it up in a ponytail they stick out (that's always so much fun). In conclusion, I was wondering what hair style I should try? Thanks
  10. Today I'm having one of those days where you hate everything just because you feel like your life sucks. Isn't that terrible? I mean, if I could say everything I completely dislike about myself right now the list would be very long. But since I have no progeress to post, here's a few: 1) I think I'm behind in work. I have a lot of stuff to do, and feel like I'll never get it done. 2) I woke up today with more milia on my forehead and three pimples on my right cheek. It really sucks the confiden
  11. No, I had the same thing once. It's a mosquito bite. Just leave it alone and it'll go away.
  12. My Mom uses it as well. She let me borrow some and I thought it felt sort of like massaging oil at a spa or something. Also, it takes a while to soak into your skin. But Bio-Oil did take away some of my post-acne without giving me more pimples, so I give it a good rating.
  13. Yes, they did dry up. I have to say, I absolutely love the two different masks I've been using . ~Today's Hoildays~ National Doughnut Day! Hug Your Cat Day! America's Best Doughtnut Shops- Frittelli's Doughnuts & Coffee (Beverly Hills, CA) Sweetwater's Doughtnut Mill (Kalamazoo, MI) Randy's Doughnuts (Inglewood CA) Cafe Du Monde (New Orleans, LA) Top Pot Coffee & Doughnuts (Seattle, WA) Doughnut Plant (New York, NY) Voo Doo Doughnut (Portland, OR) Round Rock Doughnuts (