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  1. well it's mid april and was just wondering if you were done, how it's going, final result pictures etc. can't wait to hear back
  2. Go ahead and try it, just monitor the sensitivity... if it starts looking red and irritated and feeling more raw than normal, then ease back. Chest skin is usually tougher than the face so probably shouldn't hurt too much. I get them in the same area and it's like the T zone of my chest, the pores are dilated and there is a super micro comedone/blackhead in almost every little pore. Scrubbing and neutrogena body wash doesn't really do anything for me. I even tried some of the skin soluti
  3. uh, what is acne if it's not hormonal? Isn't wacked out hormones and overactive sebaceous glands more of less the root of all acne issues...? I guess you can call some cases bacterial and whatever else but don't they still all come down to the hormones control the activity of sebaceous glands? or is this subforum specifically for females and "period/pms" acne?? if so, nvm sorry lol
  4. skin looks raw and irritated as hell, go easy with that mitt I would say
  5. holy shit man good stuff, very happy for you. I realize you said you won't update but I gotta ask, did some of the white bumps disappear on their own simply from the accutane or did you have to extract each and every one at least once?? either way difference is huge and impressive...this is looking more and more interesting to me though I'm not sure I would want 80mg and side effects (don't think I'm even heavy enough for 80mg) thanks for updating, can't wait to see end result
  6. hoping he doesn't just disappear after being cleared without updating... like so many of these threads seem to go lol
  7. good to hear man!! Can't wait for the progress photos, this just might make me pull the trigger if it's working as well as you're making it sound...my acne is not identical but yours is one of the most familiar looking I've come across so far in terms of resemblance. I don't get quite as many surface bumps, most of it is smooth to the touch because it's under the skin sort of but it's still very much there and visible when inspected closely and if I stretch out the skin, the bumps I mostly fe
  8. the more logical theory would be that because it is the liver that deals with processing excess hormonal compounds, and also alcohol, maybe the heavy drinking is bumpstarting the liver into overdrive for a little while and that's helping it get rid of the surplus acne causing androgens resulting in temporary clearness until the cycle starts over? i dunno but becoming an alcoholic is certainly not a practical option for most lol
  9. not yet but I'm getting near the end of my rope so it'll probably be in my near future...with my luck though, they'll just be like "well everything appears normal on the blood tests, go see a derm and get some topicals bla bla"
  10. my experience with spots that are 'empty' yet still leave a hardened lump like that seems to be that they can take time to go back down/away, obviously do not pick at it... don't be tempted to try squeezing like I always was to see if there's only still a lump there because there's something inside of it. I've had some that have stayed for quite a while unfortunately especially on my back, as well as one on my jawline that I seem to remember being very persistent, all I can say is time will
  11. I also get this as my main problem and it's kind of all over my face, some areas worse than others. It can look like I have clear skin is some photos but up close and in the right kind of lighting...gross. It reveals all the little clogs and and tiny scars from picking at these over the years. I can especially see it all when I stretch out the skin in an area. I've become an expert at extracting them myself without doing too much harm but no matter what I try or do, they don't seem to want
  12. please keep us posted man and good luck this is also kind of the same type I get, though not quite so grouped up or above the surface (unless it's left untouched for too long them it will start to form a bump) mine is more under the skin and spread out everywhere, all the way to right around and behind the ears as well as on the front and back of the earlobes sometimes, I can "check" for new ones by stretching my skin out and this reveals it all, even the tiniest ones. But even when not stre
  13. i have an older typical 3 circular head type razor and never found it much better than wetshaving in terms of irritation... I had to go over and over and over on some spots to cut 2 or 3 hairs that just refused to cooperate and actually enter the cracks to get chopped. Not to mention I had to press down relatively hard to get a somewhat smooth finish but that also resulted in me hacking up my neck and chin in an attempt to get a baby smooth result. The razor came with a clipper/sideburn trimmer
  14. no, not soap. That would probably exacerbate redness and irritation if anything. The two I mentioned are just nightly leave on treatments. Acnomel is like a cream and I think the other one is more of a gel. I like the acnomel so far. It's quite gentle and rinses off completely with nothing but water in the morning, and seems to be helping my inflammatory breakouts to heal/un-swell/scab up a bit quicker than they normally do.