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    Greetings!<br /><br />My name is John-Pierre Quimbo and I am an Actor & Print/Commercial Model who suffers from Acne Breakouts.<br /><br />In an Industry where Skin & Appearance is crucial to making or breaking it, I was always self-conscious of my face whenever I would "breakout".<br /><br />I have missed/skipped out on castings & auditions due to the fact my face wasn't clear & I didn't feel confident to face the casting directors.<br /><br />As of March 23rd, 2010 (after trials of Antibiotics, Creams & Face Washes) My Dermatologist finally put me on ACCUTANE (Isotretinoin). The Brand Name & Dosage I am on is Amnesteem 40mg PO Once Daily.<br /><br />Please Feel Free to Email & ask Me Questions. I shall post pictures of my Accutane Progress. Wish me luck, as I wish you the same luck with your journey to Clear Skin.<br /><br />Cheers,<br />John-Pierre Quimbo<br />Clearwater Beach/Tampa Bay, FL<br /><br /><br />ABOUT ME:<br />1. Cardiac Registered Nurse by Profession<br />2. Actor & Print/Commercial Model<br />3. Part-time @ ABERCROMBIE & FITCH Co.<br /><br />YouTube Me.
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