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  1. Hey, I've dealt with similar (if not worse chest/bacne). Check out some of my previous threads to see some pics. K, so I had acne covering my entire chest and back. I went to the derm and he gave me some Minocycline pills for several months. That really helped to to clear up the actual acne itself. Then I was left with terrible red marks. The derm then prescribed Tazorac Gel, which I put on my chest and back every night before bed. So far that has cleared up all the red marks dramatically. My ch
  2. Might seem kinda silly, but possibly it's the way you sit? As im writting this I am sitting on my couch and can feel the backrest pushing into my shoulder acne. So anytime I feel this happening I just change the way I am sitting. So i guess just watch how you sit lol this wouldnt be the cause of it though, so i guess im just wasting space, hehe
  3. Hey everyone, I was invited to a toga party recently. Its actually tonight but Im not going till 11 or so. The problem is that I have severe back and chest acne. Im not talking a like 10 spots, try at least a 100. So im assuming everyone knows what a toga is. My problem (im a guy) is that I do not know what to wear. There is no way that I am comfortable enough to wear a toga with no shirt on. I thought of wearing a t-shirt underneath, but after looking at pics from the last party, no one else di
  4. heyyloo! i saw you visited me (: you shoulda said hello (: So, I guess I will :P

    I just did some minor creeping and noticed you posted stuff about Red marks.. I've had my own trouble with them.. but only on my face. I hate them more than acne almost :P

  5. My chest was almost identical to that when i was your age, and minocycline also cleared me up. That deep pitted area between your pecs looks like a mirror image of my own acne about 10 years ago. I wish i could be more positive, but there's really no point in people lying to you: the red marks are not going to be gone for this summer, sadly. They might fade slightly, and become less red and noticable, but they take ages to go away. From memory, it took about 9-12 months before the redness was
  6. This is my second month on minocycline, taking 2 pills a day. I've found that it's done a great job of clearing up the acne itself. The only problem now is that I am left with a dark red raised spot wherever there was a pimple. I still do get breakouts, just not as bad as the initial one. I am not sure if these are scars or not. I believe they should go away in time. I previously had only very minor acne on my back. I used a topical cream (benzaclin) to clear it up. This cream accompanied wit
  7. I was on minocycline for the month of January, was advised to skip a month, and have now been on it again since the beginning of March. My prescription will last until the end of April. I take 2 pills a day (morning and night). I apply Benzaclin (1%?) every night before bed. I have been using a Neutrogena body acne wash in the shower for 2 weeks now. Please note that the initial outbreak of acne occurred 5 months ago. There is also similar marks on my shoulders and back
  8. Im curious as to if these are red marks or scars? The actual acne itself is almost completely gone, and now I am left with this: I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me if these will fade or not as I am really worried
  9. I have been fighting acne since grade 7 (currently in grade 12). I have been able to deal with it until one morning I awoke to find chest/back acne. This happened only 5 months ago. I have managed to get rid of most to acne itself using minocycline/benzaclin. However, I am not left with these red marks (see pic) on my chest/back/shoulders. I am curious to find out if these are permanent, or if they will soon go away. From what I have seen, few people have body acne this severe. I hope to go swi