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  1. Thanks everyone, I have drastically lowered the amount of BP, to a pea sized amount for each cheek. If i am only having severe acne on my cheeks and the bottom of my chin do I need to apply BP to my whole face or just the problem areas? I am thinking I may take a break for a day and start again with less BP, application of BP once a day for a bit, and consistency of products. I red in another post that Cetaphil has citric acid in it, and I checked th bottle and sure enough it does. Could this be
  2. I have been on the DKR for three weeks. I am having severe stinging and redness (like sunburn) after applying the moisturizer (I'm fine after application of BP) that lasts for a few hours. After the stinging is gone my face starts to itch badly. In the mornings I have been applying make-up which actually seems to be helping slightly with the burning, I would like to cut the make-up out of the routine but my face is so red and blotchy that I can't. I am participating in an internship right now an