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  1. Actually I think it's just water in general, because one time I brushed my teeth while I was waiting to put on moisturizer and I rinsed my mouth off afterwards with some water and noticed I had messy white goo goate, so I think you have to avoid water in general.
  2. Now I'd certainly be a hypocrite to turn a girl down because she has some pimples, but acne or no acne, any girl with more chest hair than me I jusn't ain't dating!
  3. So you do it 3 times, does that mean you just put it on your face three times or do you warm the washcloth up in the microwave 3 times? Also, does it matter how hot the water is you use to wet the cloth? Does it have to be boiling already before you put it in the microwave?
  4. So I started the regimen about a week ago, and it rained here yesterday (I don't have an umbrella) and I think it was because of the moisturizer, but the water from the rain made the stuff get all white on my face so it looked like I had some white goo all over my face. I'm new here so I'm sure someone noticed this before, but well just in case I figured I'd give you all heads up that if you're doing the regimen and it's raining out, get an umbrella or something and don't let the water hit your
  5. I have noticed one other product that has 2.5% BP, not sure if they have it in Canada, but it's called Stridex day and night. The day stuff is salycytic or whatever acid but the night stuff is 2.5% BP, and it;s like 9 bucks American.