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  1. Hi Friends Those who have been in contact with me through my email, I thank you for all the inputs I have received, which has been a great help in my research.As for the others I am sorry for my absence, but research on Acne has been a key priority in my life and has taken up all my energy and hours. I hope that all those I have spoken to are starting to see clear improvement and I must state-I know how Acne can destroy your life but the future is clear Mark Pizey
  2. hi...well am cleared...yipppy!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Howdy! Hope you get vlear soon! ;)

  4. and thanks for adding me to your friends list!! and btw..howz your acne treatment goin on?

  5. hi, well thx for the advice. i highly appreciate it. but i was really frustated with skin that i got after 3 months of my treatment..my derma has given me marks...real marks n my entire face...which my acne never gave me. so i have already stopped my skin treatment. and am treating my acne myself by following the site which has really helped me..hi, well thx for the advice. i highly appreciate it.

  6. *offer=sorry my lanugue skills at times are non-existant

  7. Hi Sorry to hear your story.Many people i have spoken to about ance say the same feelings as you.Remember though everyone to busy trying to get eveyone else approval of themselves in this world.Alot of people wont notice the Acne but will judge you on being shy, dont let Acne hide the what you have to other the world

  8. New blog released on the subject of Cysts take a look if it intrests you mark Pizey

  9. Hi In my teenage years i developed a cyst on my face which was not allowed to be taken of for 6 years so I understand your frustrations. The Cyst was a constant battle between me and it. Every morning a look in the mirror questioned and shaped how i was going act for the rest of the day. A lack of confidence can lead to a lack in person, and a cyst, acne, and scar can all do this. I remember walking around and seeing people stare like the sun had just exploded in their face, it knocks y
  10. Hey just read your blog.I carried out alot of reasearch into Acne for the past teo years and what you are feeling is normal.Hang in there,smile, and just think this could just be a past chapter in your life soon

  11. It was the arrow what did it for me :) Brillaint made me laugh out loud :) Thank you

  12. Glad to see you've figured out how to add friends. ; )