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  1. I don't have many scars on my face but the ones I have drive me crazy. I have lots on my back. Take a look at this photo. Not very good I know. What should I do? Thanks
  2. You might want to try neutrogena non greasy sunscreen. Ever since I've been using sun screen my forehead has not been breaking out.
  3. Thanks for the correction! LOL The brand is neutrogena non greasy sunscreen
  4. Just so everyone knows, sun screen has worked WONDERS for my red ruddy complexion. It's even reduced the line between my neck and face. The small pimples on my forehead are really not there. In short, I look less red from rosacea and more even!!! I use a greaseless type, one with 50 pdf. I was told the higher pdf, the more chemicals which is not good. CORRECTION: SPF!!! lol
  5. I still have a little bit of chest acne. I know salt water in the ocean works miracles. But I don't live by the ocean. I am using Neutrogena acne body wash which helps. Can anyone help me to clear up the remaining acne on my chest? Accupressure massage worked wonders. Should I purchase a salt water shower head? I want to fix this. Thanks.
  6. My skin looks really ruddy from the sun. I remember when I used sun screen my skin looked even and tone. Sun screen is the way to go for rosacea right?
  7. How do I get a skin tag removed from under my eye? Thanks
  8. We see ourselves differenty from how others see us.
  9. Does anyone knwo if there is a surgery to remove a very, very deep pore?
  10. Gross! I saw myself today in an iPhone as I pointed it at myself. I LOOK SO OLD AND UGLY! MY SKIN LOOKS GROSS! PORES ARE HUGE! WRINKLES PRONOUNCED!! HAIR CRAZY AND GRAYING! I put the camera down before I could see any blemishes or old ACNE SCARS. GROSS! I sure hope I really don't look like that! IS THAT HOW PEOPLE SEE ME? Women used to like me most of the time. I never wanted to look like a person in my family who had be skin. IT LOOKS LIKE I LOOK LIKE HER/HIM! WHAT DO I DO?? I hear sugar wi
  11. Please help. My beautiful child had a very big acne pimple from eating potatoe chips. She/he has perfect skin. But this pimple was very large on the side of her/his mouth. It's going away and I know it won't scar. I PRAY TO GOD MY CHILD DOES NOT GO THROUGH WHAT I WENT THROUGH! I pray he has his Mom's skin! She/he is 11 go ing on 12. I am going to make sure she/he doesn't eat that garbage again. But should I start taking her to a dermatoloigst now or wait?
  12. What steps should a parent take for a child who is going to be reaching puberty in a few years. My child ate a whole lot of potatoe chips and got a large pimple. I said that's it! You have to be careful from now on. But I don't want her/him to get paranoid either.
  13. I am 52. This old scar seems to have gotten deeper and wider. It's not a disaster but it's enough to make me bothered. Any suggestions on what I should do to improve these types of scars?