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  1. I really like the poem in your signature... especially the last two verses. It's how all acne sufferers/pickers feel in the morning, hoping the damage is better!

  2. I look completely horrid. My forehead looks like a pizza. The red marks on either side of my mouth won't budge, but at least no new ones are forming there. I HATE CLOSED COMEDONES. Bumps cover like 70% of my face. It just keeps getting worse and I'm losing hope. I'm just trying to forget it's there during the day. There's one mirror in my house that's "safe" too look in, the rest just have too much natural light. I have to stand by my front door for a good 5 minutes before I can convince myself
  3. I started getting acne around age 9-10, so... Can't say that I remember ever looking in the mirror and not having acne, because when I was a kid I just didn't care, I never looked at the mirror. Things I could do without acne? Let my boyfriend brush my hair out of my eyes without worrying he'll see/feel acne and be repulsed. Look in the mirror and not want to cry. Walk out the door without obsessing over whether I look "decent" enough to go out in public or not. Stop reading those damn labels o
  4. School is sooooooo hard for us... Some mornings I just walk in the place with my eyes glued to the floor and pray that nobody pays any attention to me, which never happens, because I'm probably semi-popular, lots of people like me because I joke a lot... But I find that when I get there and start talking to people and loosening up it's alright. Nobody really ever says anything. But this one time this fat guy asked me "Hey, when you gonna clear up that face?" and I replied with "Hey, when you gon
  5. I haven't worn foundation/concealer/anything on my face for over 3 weeks now. It feels good! People don't really look at me any different. I was SOOOOOO scared to have my boyfriend see me with no makeup, but he didn't even notice, he acted the same as always. He always tells me I'm beautiful and I tell him he's blind. So that was a relief and gave me the confidence to keep saying no to face goop. My face really has improved, it helps me kinda remember not to pick too, because I know I'm not
  6. Thanks you guys, it helps to come here and see support. It seems like I'll do really well for a week or so and then relapse. Or when I see a zit. I just can't leave the poppable ones alone. I've gotten better at waiting until they're ready and actually popping them correctly. Things that help me so far: Just yelling at myself to STOP. In my head, of course. Keeping heavy lotion on my hands (reminds me not to touch my face) IM chatting with people, fingers busy. Talking to my boyfriend. He ca
  7. P90X is something everyone's been telling me to try, I think I'll do it. But what IS it exactly? And I do yoga when I'm about to have an emotional outburst of any kind. Fixes me right up. Haha
  8. Ice it, (sometimes Polysporin), Advil, leave it alone. Sometimes prevents it altogether, sometimes just makes it come in smaller.
  9. Wow you guys are a lot more adventurous than I am! I usually get a video from the library and do that until I have to take it back and then get a different one and do that, it's a lot of fun to constantly switch it up, and that's the easiest way since I have no gym membership/gym equipment. Yeah. I don't know what to do about the sweat either. I just end up doing my whole routine early. There's probably an easier/better way.
  10. Thank you :) It's not easy to put stuff like that out on the internet to be judged, glad to know it's being viewed as good. Haha

  11. Hi everyone, I'm kind of in a fitness rut, as I like to change up my exercise routine to prevent boredom and the plateau effect. I'd like to know what exercises you've tried and what are your favorites. I think it's funny how everyone always says that fitness is soooo important to overall health and the health of the skin, but then... nobody really talks about it here (or so I've seen, at least). So, what do you do? Also, how do you deal with sweat? I find that my face sweats when doing aer
  12. I like the poem in your signature. :)

  13. ^Yup. It was weird to adapt to, but I cook with water, put a leeeeetle pinch of brown sugar, a bit of cinnamon, and some chopped up apple if I'm feeling fancy. I had to train myself to not cook how I was brought up. Man, when my mom cooks, it's butter this, salt that, more sugar here, less veggies there... She's a real bacon grease country cooker, if it doesn't taste good, it needs more butter. You gotta get away from that cooking style! Haha, your taste buds will get used to it. They'll be mo