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  1. Well stated, Starlite. I definitely concur.
  2. Jonathan from the vlog massages his cheeks not because of subcision, but because he had filler injected in each of his scar AFTER subcision. He has to massage the fillers so it doesn't clump and massaging it helps distribute his filler throughout the pocket that is create from subcision - beneath his scar/skin, thus helps the scar tissue from reconnecting.
  3. this is the best vlog by far to demonstrate the effectiveness of excision, subcision, filler, and laser if done correctly. This vlogger post several days of his recovery and results of excision wound healing. He undergone excision with stitching. remarkable results http://www.youtube.com/user/JonathanVencor...u/0/y5C0eHajREg
  4. subcision! no need for laser because your texture is great! (aside from the rolling scars)
  5. I just went through subcision yesturday (finally decided to go for it-- put it on the credit card). we'll see how it goes! it didnt hurt too bad. all the spots are bruised and raised.
  6. no, they dont go away on their own. yes, they are the easiest to treat, comparing to other type of scars.
  7. timehealsall, did you even read my post? i never said he DIDNT have scarring.
  8. Miramar is correct. this diagram does show the basics to how each of those procedure works. For example the dermabrasion. the idea of that is to sand down the surface of your skin. You are sanding down good skin to the level of the scarring (and sand parts of the scarred area too), that's why your skin becomes more smooth ( a very invasive technique-- cost--how much it will harm you vs benefit-- your improvements depends on your scarring). On a side note, this diagram does not mean you guys wil
  9. I've done quite a few research and looked into philip young's procedures for past year or so. I have to admit, he is confident in his skills since he post how he does it on the internet for everyone including OTHER plastic surgeons to see. He is definitely one of the top plastic surgeons for acne scarring in my opinion. the only down side to dr. philip young is that he does not have erbium laser, which is a shame because people with type 3-5 skin may benefit more from erbium laser (because of h
  10. not all plastic surgeons are acne scar specialist. many reputable plastic surgeons don't specialize in that area, so its tough to find an plastic surgeon that is comfortable with acne scar revision.
  11. Boxcar scars are difficult to fix because its deep (like icepick) and wide. Therefore, no chemical peels nor laser can lift the scars up to the surface. only 2 ways to go: 1) Subcision and filler. Although this method is ideal for rolling scars, it can still give some results to boxcar scars 2) Excision- cut out the scar and sew it up. Afterward, it may or may not leave a mark/scar. If excision leaves you a a different type scar, many plastic surgeons may use laser on the "post excision s
  12. well, are those scars indented? (pitted, sunken in). If so, yeah, i think those are boxcar, even though the pictures are a sorta blurry.
  13. Saline injection is not a filler. It is a form of subcision, where they insert a needle in your scar and inject saline solution in it, hoping it will break up your scar/fibrous tissue that that is making the indentation. Your injected area will be swollen for 5 days, and it will go back to normal. you do it in a series of 4-6 times to see improvements. (the improvements is not much, i've done it a year ago. i give it 10% improvement). This method cannot replace simple fashion Subcision (where th
  14. you have moderate/severe rolling scars (ur rolling scars are moderately deep, but you have numerous) on your face and hypertrophic (keoloids) scars on your chest. you will probably need multiple combination treatments of subcision, fillers, and lasers to get substantial results. dermarolling will help a bit, but in my opinion, it will not yield drastic results. I suggest you find a reputable plastic surgeon that specialize in acne scarring.