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  1. hi guys!!! what is the best formulation to be used for a generalized acne? would be looking for replies.... thanks
  2. hi everyone!!! just need to know that why adult acne is so severe? would be looking for replies... thanks
  3. hi everyone!! how are you all? and how is life going? what is the best way to get rid of body acne? would be looking for some precious replies... thanks
  4. hello mates!!! how is everyone... what can we do the get rid of black spots if any on the body. this is such a problem and I am tensed about it... please give me some good advise... thanks
  5. First of all i hope you guys would be taking proper medicines and undergoing the necessary curing treatments...As far as now i will let you know two good depression management techniques: 1) Try living with it happily and keep telling yourself that this condition will end up soon... 2) Don't keep your pain inside you rather tell it to your friends as much as you can, this will help you getting out of depression and you can recover more rapidly without depression... Remember, no one has any of
  6. hey mates!!! whats up? I am literally confused about what is the adult acne....is there any difference between adult acne and young acne? if any one could assist me on this please.. thanks
  7. haha you must get so tired of telling people this! you're seriously the biggest help on this entire board, and i would like to just personally thank you for everything you've helped for me. Thanks a lot Alter for generous provision of knowledge and helpful info
  8. hi guys!!! how is everybody? what is the main thing that is required for relieving the body acne? what you think? waiting fir replies... thanks
  9. hello guys!!! how are you all? I am looking for some latest news on acne research...if you know some then please share... thanks
  10. hey guys!!! how is life going? are all the medicines of the acne are compounded by pharmacists??? or they are also available in the market?? waiting for replies... thanks
  11. hi guys!!! how are you all? what are the psychological effects of acne? what you think...share please... thanks
  12. hi guys!!! how are you all? what is non inflamed acne? how can we recognize it? i used google but it doesnot help me alot... need help please... thanks
  13. hi mates!!! how is every body? I have heard that white mud helps you to remove the scars? have any body tried that? what you people say? thanks
  14. hello guys!!! how are you all? and how is life going? which nutrition is best for acne? what you guys think? need suggestions from some experienced persons... thanks
  15. thanks alot guys....i will surely try to reduce my sugary food....