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  1. if im honest... nothing worked for me. Just time. I made sure my skin was well moisturised. I also had the horrible dark purply red marks left from blood filled cysts. These are all now gone im just left with light red marks now which will surely go soon as the dark ones have. Good luck and i know how down you are i was the same... in a year max you wont even remember what those marks look like
  2. i couldnt put everything positive or everything negative so ive decided just to write a new post. The 7th of December i came off roaccutane. I was 2 weeks off my 6 month period of taking the 60mg a day i was on. However i unfortunatly had to come off as i developed suicidal feelings and depression. Its brought on a lot of hassle as i am now on anti depressants and must see physcologists, but if im honest the roaccutane probably brought forward the depression as i think i may have had it a little
  3. definatly dont quit... because these next few months your gunna get more spots (im guessing from my experience) i was on it for around 2 weeks n nomore spots... thought great! then it all went downhill... it was never as bad as the spots i had before but definatly dont quit now what would be the point? yeah roaccutane is a lot of hassle, monthly pregnancy tests (if your a girl) blood tests and having to pop pills every day buttttt.... in the end you'll maybe get 1 or 2 spots a month after the 3
  4. sorry to hear about your lupus i checked the post accutane thread, its definatly not just me whos going through this. But i will be telling my derm/nurse about this when i go next week as its starting to effect my whole body too grr
  5. i've seen a few pictures of rosacea and im sure i have it... kind of. My face gets so hot at times n goes bright red asif ive got sunburn... but after around 30 mins it goes. I usually get this everyday just once. I've also been on roaccutane for around 5 months. Anyone else had this?
  6. I'm coming up to my 5th month now on Roaccutane and have had the most horrible past month! My feet and hands have started getting really cold, then clammy then onto full blown sweating... my feet in particular. I don't just mean getting a little bit sticky i mean beads of sweat all over my toes and top of my feet the skin has begun peeling from my toes too! Also if a hint of sunshine comes through the window my cheeks begin to burn inside and then emit a bright red glow asif im blushing. The
  7. I'd really like to do a pro and con list for my time on roaccutane... been on it four month, got another 2 left. 60mg (3 pills a day) persistant acne, i must admit it wasnt anything shocking but i had to cover up, i was getting upset as the marks left after a spot were purple. The marks never got any better because spots would just re-appear over the purple marks. Anyways my list Pro's : After a short while spots were drying up and going. Blackheads and oily nose have now almost gone. Marks
  8. ive been on since the 12th july so nearly 2 month its going well actually, i was sooo scared after reading things on here but no really bad side effects how long have you been on? haha i couldnt resist, they were annoying me but when id squeezed them out my nose was perfect (apart from the burn marks that seem to happen whenever i squeeze grr) just wondering if anyone had had really dry flaky skin in their ears?? i havnt seen anything about it but mine are gross at the min
  9. arghhh my nose used to be covered in blackheads... when i started on roaccutane (12th July) i very naughily squeezed them all out... these kept away and i just had quite large pores which i could handle.. then the other day they went all black and and gross just like i'd had them before. Now all my nose is rough and the blackheads are coming out in the forms of little grains of rice... whereas before they never came out unless i squeezed them and were all oily and gross im just wondering if thi
  10. I dont know if its because im on roaccutane or because im using this medik8 product.. erm its something like white balance and its definatly reducing my freckles that i think are from too much tanning. my red marks are also fading. Definatly worth a try though x
  11. 123456789q It really depends on the severity of my skin, some days its mild peeling so i use the microfoliant too... love it and if its really bad i use the anti ageing one i forgot what its called.. its in a silver tube though its for mature skin but i really like it and it doesnt scratch my skin. I use the Pre cleanse oil makes my skin super smooth and i use an olay sensitive wash... i dont flush anymore which im really happy about, think it may be down to my new routine. Do ask if you want
  12. it may be bad but i definatly still keep exfoliating... it doesnt irratate it but i've only been on roaccutane a month lol its the only way i can get rid of the skin that peels off literally every 2 days even if i moisturise well... i use dermalogica by the way... good luck
  13. I've been on roaccutane since 12th july... my skin is almost perfect apart from the open pores on my nose and a few red marks on the right side of my face. Before my skin was really oily, i could never wear foundation on a night out without it sliding off even before id had my first drink... now i have barely any oil I'm just wondering if this is normal after only being on a month (60mg)? I have to be honest my acne was never horrendous (only to me) but it was persistant and would leave ugly re
  14. They've finally gone they all came to the top and looked horrific. I do admit i squeezed them all out but theyve never came back i havnt had any cysts since the first week after i started roaccutane (i've been on it since the 12th July) And i've had about 10 spots all in all. I have no active spots just red marks now but im hoping these will heal quickly as theres no spots/cysts growing over them. My skin is much brighter, i just need a fix for my pores on my nose now. Definatly reccomend roac
  15. ooh i hope its not eczema! its not there constantly, i get it then it pops up like a few raised scratches, then goes again :S weird! Yeah these are like water filled pimples i usually get them on my arms, not sure about you? Havn't found anything to get rid of them or stop the irratation they just dissapear and reappear on there own... good luck with finding something im just glad im not the only one who gets them x
  16. the same things been happening to me! Theyre like little blisters but hard lumps that are itchy? they go away after a while but theyre so irratating. I am also getting what i presume are rashes... theyre like scratch marks and very itchy
  17. I started off 2 years ago... first on panoxyl 5, then dalacin t (clindamycin), then onto the pills, i was on erythromycin for a year and prescribed yasmin bcp, then finally from march to end of july i was on dianette bcp and lymecycline pills and duac cream. All failed x
  18. I read in the prescription leaflet that it would mess up my periods but i never thought i would bleed inbetween grr! has anyone else had this problem? and does anyone know why it causes this?
  19. Woah i wish it was hard to get!!! I went to the hospital.. he barely looked at my skin, sent me to the next room for a pregnancy test, gave me a blood sheet and the prescription, then had the blood tests and picked my prescription up. All i did was sign a small sheet and was out the same day literally 2 hours but that was because i had to wait for the old folks to have the blood tests n 25 mins for prescription. I'm in the uk though, but it was a doddle
  20. oh thank goodness it wasnt just me! i kinda picked mine though grr but suprisingly its not scarring, just scabbing over which it would have just scarred before accutane yes i think these are old blackheads that were originally spots that came out but must have left the dreaded clogged pores behind... god bless you accutane! x
  21. Anyone? i really wanna know if anyone got lots more blackheads after starting roaccutane? Or is it just the moisturiser clogging my pores?
  22. Ive been using e45 cream on my face to combat the dryness i expected. ive been on roaccutane since the 12th so 16 days and before i was put on i had almost no blackheads, now i have so many on my nose and at the side of my nose (in the crease) I'm just wondering if this is because of the IB or the e45 cream blocking my pores? just checked and my nose isnt greasy at all, im just worried incase im clogging my pores up! any advice would be appreciated
  23. im also in the uk, ive been using just water to wash my face in a morning and night. Sometimes i use a boots botanicals cleanser, its kind of a weird texture but it doesnt irratate or dry. Then i use Simple kind to skin soothing toner, then slather my skin in e45 cream i probably wouldnt advise you to slather it on if your going out as its quite a rich cream but definatly at night... ive not had any dry skin trouble while ive been using it
  24. hey! your definatly not alone.. i had suicidal thoughts on the first 2 days :/ but i think that was down to hormones (i hope!!) had really dry lips from days 2 and am still getting the rashes im now on day 13 and my skins looking so much better already :s i had 1 cyst on the first 2 days... yes i squeezed it grr but it did have a head on... and that went straight away, and i had a small whitehead in about day 4... also went away quickly. Im really happy being on it even though the rashes/dry mo
  25. I had red marks on my cheeks and chin that i thought were scars, since being on roaccutane these marks are going but where they are there are now pores that are black and open. The marks were there for aaaages and now im wondering that they never healed or faded because they were infact blackheads that never came to a head? Has anyone else experienced this?