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  1. To make your skin less sensitive? If so how ?,what products etc will help.
  2. It's still there when Im relaxed, its there when i get up in the morning, then gets worse as the day goes on.
  3. It will be over 2 years since I came off accutane in summer so I doubt it will be getting any better.
  4. Well Im hoping the peels would work on my red marks/uneven skin tone, but may have an adverse effect on my cheeks which are red because of accutane, they arent always bright red but they it tends to get more intense as the day goes on.
  5. Its highly like i'll be having chemical peels in the summer, but at the moment I have quite bad redness in my cheeks which I want to get rid of, are chemical peels likely to make the redness in my cheeks worse? Thanks
  6. Is this the same for anyone else, my skin will feel relatively calm and then I'll think 'it doesn't feel to bad' which will lead me on to thinkng about flushing, and then I will flush! So annoying.
  7. I hope so because im in the exact same situations, its very distressing.
  8. Has anyone ever tried this, not sure if its available in the US or not. Has 3 decent reviews on Amazon but they don't mention acne marks. http://www.boots.com/en/Flexitol-Naturals-...ng%20Oil%2060ml
  9. You sound like me, I go through periods of being up and down. You have nothing to worry about in the looks department, as everyone else has said you're gorgeous. Try to stay positive and take your mind off it by doing things you love. P.S. I wish I lived in Colorado
  10. Good luck with it. Dollyjoon do you still want to come to the UK after recent events lol?
  11. "Where do you deliver to? Virtually all addresses within the UK, Northern Ireland and to BFPO addresses. Unfortunately, we cannot offer delivery to any other country, PO boxes or the Channel Islands. Boots.com deliver to British Forces Post Office addresses. The charge for BFPO delivery is £6.00, this includes the cost of delivering your parcel to the BFPO sorting office and the charge applied for delivery to your chosen address. Please note that the facilities at the BFPO are restricte
  12. Those are amazing reviews, if you go for it let us know how it goes for you.
  13. Mild would not be a problem, I also agree with the less is more in the makeup department.
  14. I'd vote for Liverpool, although I do work in Manchester, don't like it much tho
  15. Your dermatologist literally told you to fuck off ? You should get him sacked. Anyway, you basically just nailed my exact situation with that post.