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  1. i've seen a lot of posts saying methods to get rid of them in response to people who asked the same question as me but i never figured out whether they can actually go away on their own after acne "stops" my acnes stopped, and i was wondering if the blackheads will eventually popout and go away
  2. sameer

    It improves everything, really. Whether your problem is blackheads,whiteheads,or just uneven texture this works. Not really a con, but something people do which is completely wrong is use this product more than once a week. That's why you have all the negative reviews here. =] AS LONG as it's used once on a weekly basis, it works. Worked, i mean it's working for me. =]
  3. Well, a lot of people i know say that BP isn't really helping their acne, as well as myself. I tried using Aloe Vera Gel for two weeks, using 1/3 index finger amount on my face, applying twice a day, once in morning once at night, and BAM red marks are dissapearing, red cheeks are improving, skin looks healthier, and no more pimples. I think this works because Aloe Vera helps soothe irritated skin caused by acne, and if the skin is not irritated anymore by using Aloe, then i guess the acne cle
  4. Aha i see i forgot to mention when i first started using these products i was "product-stupid" and didn't know how to use them i added like probably triple the amount needed on my face and didnt know what moisturizer was now im just using water and moisturizer and oddly enough it improved significantly, now i just have blackheads and redness how could i get rid of blackheads on cheeks? i heard they never go away
  5. Well from like 13years old i've messed around with acne medications to "prevent" acne, and bam, here i am 3 years later WITH acne. I used to have perfect skin before using the meds, but im unsure if i should stop... im on minocyclin now. Just to make things clear, at 13 i didnt use minocyclin, i was just using salicylic acid treatments on my face daily. could this have caused it? or is it just genetics?