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  1. Thanks! I'm definitely giving my vitamins another shot. I've tried ACV before but I had an allergic reaction of sorts. It might have been the brand though... I feel the same about BP. I really don't know what to do. It's such a hard choice to make.
  2. Background: 18-year-old female. Acne since puberty (about 7 years). Fluctuates between mild-moderate-severe. Mom had moderate acne; dad had severe cystic acne, and now has deep pitted scars (my biggest fear). Right now, the acne ITSELF is mild but my red marks are getting ridiculous. After breaking out like crazy and trying salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and other treatments to not luck, I went back to 2.5% BP. I love that BP gets rid of my acne, but it makes my red marks last SO LONG. It's bre
  3. Wouldn't recommend. Made me break out something terrible. I have a very red cystic acne mark from it that has stayed there for over 2 months (since I used it).
  4. Hi all! My current regimen consists of: -Purpose gentle cleansing facial bar x2 a day -witch hazel/tea tree oil mix x2 a day -Neutrogena Healthy Face Lotion w/ AHA x2 a day I also alternate with St. Ives every other day, and my more powerful 8% AHA on the days without St. Ives. My theory is that I may be over-processing my skin. It worked for a while, and then I started getting painful papules that never came to a head all over my jawline and cheeks when I upped the ante. Maybe this is irrita
  5. We talked it out shortly after I posted this topic. He is a great guy, and I know he was just trying to help. He looked me straight in the face and told me I was beautiful with or without acne to him, and that it was something everybody goes through, even if he personally didn't understand it very well (blessed as he is). He suggested Accutane because his friend is on it now, but then I told him about how badly Accutane can fuck up your system for some people so he's talking to his friend about
  6. So I have a boyfriend. He's great. We're great. He's one of the lucky ones... gets maybe one zit a month, mild cirrhosis but he takes medication for it. We make each other genuinely happy, but we have never, ever discussed my acne. Ever. I pile on the make-up every time we see each other. Even when we've slept together (actual sleeping) I've worn a thin layer of something. About me: Moderate acne since puberty. Almost exclusively on cheeks/jawline, but occasionally on forehead and chin. Around
  7. My hair is one of my greatest prides and I use it as a distraction from my acne (for myself and others). My hair is razor-cut layered and a little past shoulder-length, and currently blonde underneath and black on top. I am a fan of side bangs and lay them across my forehead above my eyes. I do not break out on my forehead so this works for me. I keep my hair down and normally pin-straight; occasionally I tease the back top layer for some volume. I use a lot of haircare products to keep it healt
  8. -1 month -2 months -I just started taking them orally 1 week ago
  9. A few years ago I worshiped vitamin e oil to help fade my red marks. Back then I used a bottle of it and not the capsules. A few months ago I switched to capsules and they caused me to breakout. Then I tried oil in a bottle and it also made me break out, but I realized it had soy bean oil in it. I tried using capsules again and yet again I am breaking out. It fades my red marks but causes acne in the areas I apply it. These are the ingredients: dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Gelatin, Glycerin, Wa
  10. Lightning Folly

    -not too expensive -works to dry up and prevent pimples -does not prolong red marks like BP -takes longer than BP -the smell! -gives an icy feeling for about 5 minutes that isn't completely horrible I mix my TTO with witch hazel to create a 5% solution. I apply it twice to my face with a cotton ball after cleansing. I really like this stuff. It dries up acne and I believe it prevents it too. It takes a while, but the fact that it doesn't prolong red marks is worth it. Also ma
  11. Hmm I never thought of that but great idea. I just gotta be careful like Jxr said and not make my face worse... mehhh. I hate that risk. Haha I could pretend to be Megan Fox. Gotta be fierce, right? I usually show confidence or I can at least fake it. So I guess being myself could work Nicky D or I could be Megan Fox. I use liquid make-up (Maybelline NY Anti-Aging/Firming foundation) that I have no problems with but using it all the time can't be good. And sometimes it looks rea
  12. So here's the deal. I am never, ever without make-up on when I am around friends/acquaintances. Seriously. I will wash it off my face and dab a little on before slumber parties when it's bedtime. I'm that insecure. Around my family I really don't care. My acne is moderate. It is healing but I am left with a lot of red marks and still some active pimples. I'm starting college soon, and I'm not going to sleep in make-up every night for the next four years. I really need advice on what to do, any
  13. I wouldn't worry about it. I have a few old pictures that I was tagged in where my acne was really visible and kinda bad... the really terrible ones, I untagged myself. But honestly, no one really cares. I mean everyone gets breakouts and everyone gets tagged in unflattering pictures. At least for me I can say "oh that was over a year ago, it's different now." Yet even when those pictures were recent I didn't mind because they were with people I cared about. The person who took them would not in