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  1. hehe, yeah that what a female friend of mine said, and i did think that it would just be easier to say that i'd been in a fight but then if the "black eye" had started to look like a spot after a while, it would have been even more embrassing when ppl realised i'd made up some story to cover it up. good idea though! ( i'm not using that treament anymore but still getting cystic spots so might have been just bad timing).
  2. I started getting cystic acne after using a certain treatment, and it peaked when i had a big cystic spot right on the lower part of my eye socket bone/ high part of the cheek. It wnet quite big but i couldnt do anything about it. It was bad enough as it was but then ppl started asking me why someone had hit me! because it looked like i'd been punched near the eye and i had bruising/black eye. everyone was asking, friends, school mates, a teacher asked me infront of the whole class once! even
  3. that title was a bit :^o but i read it anyway and it was kind of interesting, relevant, didnt last too long, and could have been a lot worse... speaking of BP and chemicals, here's a quote : "Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer. "
  4. i really have noticed something similar - ever since starting the regimen this happen to pimples - they go through there early stages (white bit at top and a bit pertruding) really quickly - but then take absolutley ages to get rid of those red marks they leave. anyone else seen this?
  5. whats this about zinc and funky hair? does it wreak your hair? i might try this zinc malarky. cheers
  6. plus adding to the point just made..... exersice actually helps keep stress down so it can help in that way. it's like drinking loads of water each day. it may not be thought of as a cure but it really does make you feel better about your body, feel less tired and stuff. so although not absolutley direvtly related to acne, im sure exersise really would help - cant do no harm thats for sure!
  7. what would BP do to my hair? bleach it? some bit get in now and then, simply because the location of my face is very close to my hair. i got brown hair so was wondering what kind of effect it will do becasue i rememeber it bleaches clothes...
  8. same here, i used to get them on forehead all the time, but past few months i've had none there.....the've headed south for the time-being. around chin and jaw line. i think this is the case in males becasue of the facial hair aspect, thats what i think at least.
  9. on the packaging for the BP is use ( called Panoxyl 2.5% BP from the UK) its say in the DIRECTIONS "use once a day". this is just a bit confusing. should i listen to the guide lines or just use 2 helpings a day? does it say this on all BP products?
  10. i use Panoxyl 2.5% BP. and Boots Moisterizer (sorry cant be more specific, it's in a blue continaer if that helps!)
  11. i been on for 1 week now, also drastic improvement. i'm not even using half a finger yet though, still red in the face (literally!!). please answer the questions Murray_Calavera just asked.
  12. It's been exactly a week since i started the regimen. and i too have seen a drastic improment. it's all goind according to plan apart from redness. how long does the average person using the average products take to get over the average redding? please give me something to look forward to as it's really annoying having this skin tone, not the most natural....at least acne is! hehe. thnks
  13. panoxyl is what i been using so far and apart from some redding and a bit dry it seems to be fine. my necks gonna be red in the morning! i just put some on now, does putting plenty on moisterizer help some redding? and i would also liket o know if there if any side effect or something to Panoxyl? or is it just strong stuff/
  14. not trying to get my hopes up...but i think this regiemen is actually working!! i'm so pleased. even if there is no change, i feel better about my skin - maybe i been able to convince my self it's better. it could even be a total Placebo but the skin clears cos we think it is. i doubt it actually. DAN... a cake is on it's way...
  15. i went to leeds (twin festival to Reading, UK) last year, i think if i remember proply my skin went a bit worse. i drank quite a lot and was at the front loads, so i guess that really doenst help. it would be hard to as clean as you do at home, when living in a tent with no proper running water and stuff. you should definatley find somehwere of the festival site...there's a Sainsbrys's supermarket near the Leeds site, so check that out if your going.