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  1. Feels like I have had it my whole life & in a sense I have - at least I have had it my whole adult life. I have controlled it with various anti-biotics & other drugs, at the moment its Spiro, but I have resigned myself to the fact this is an ongoing condition & I will more than likely have it for the rest of my life or maybe with a bit of luck just until menopause.
  2. In the past couple of weeks my skin has cleared up dramatically! No more awful jawline spots & no more acne coming up on top of existing acne which I had such a hard time dealing with before! I am still breaking out to a certain extent but it is more like 1 - 3 isolated spots a week I am on 50 mg of Spiro & am seeing my derm on Tuesday so I am going to ask to be upped to 75 mg & see if that blasts away the isolated spots I am getting! I don't have any other SE's that other ppl
  3. Just going on what I have read on the boards re: Spiro, I think you need to give it more time. Other users have reported up to a 4 month timeframe to see results. I am on Day 30 of taking 50 mgs a day & my skin is still horrible. I am not breaking out as frequently as I was before Spiro but its still horrible. I am content to ride it out though & see if it has any better effects after another month or two. I see my derm at the end of May & I will ask him then if he can bump me up
  4. One month on the Spiro today................ My acne is slightly better than it was! I am still breaking out but not with the same frequency that I was before. The breakouts don't seem to last as long either or maybe I am just getting a break between breakouts which didn't happen before! However, not meaning to sound pessimistic but my skin is still horrible & I have so much deep scarring! Even so, I continue to remain very optimistic, & maybe this will be a great month on Spiro -
  5. So now I am definitely breaking out! Large spots on my forehead, where I never get them as all my breakouts are concentrated to the lower part of my face, jawline & neck! My boobs are like melons & I hate them - this is the worst SE for me so far. I don't feel as tired as last week & nor have experienced any major thirst but for the most part I think I am pretty well hydrated! I am also PMS-ing - could explain the swollen chest too!
  6. So I know I posted yesterday & don't have all that much new stuff to report but felt I should mark my 1st full week on Spiro with a blog entry SE's to date: -Extreme tiredness in the late afternoon. Havne't been that affected in the am, but it was very difficult to get out of the bed this morning - took me 40 mins. -Peeing a lot. Not too bothered by this. I tend to drink a lot of water anyhow so am used to going a lot! -Boobs are swollen & sore. Feel very full & tender
  7. Its Day 6. No sign of an inital breakout...... yet! Skin is actually the best it has been in about 3-4 months. I mean I am still getting pimples but not the everyday bad breakouts that had become routine. So thats pretty good! Today I definitely noticed pee-ing more - in fact felt like I was in the bathroom every 30 mins! And another SE I am not too crazy about - I am EXHAUSTED! Total debilitating fatigue has set in late afternoon for the past 3 days. I haven't felt this tired since the
  8. Cubbymom

    Day 3

    Well no change really! DH says I am being inpatient & nothing would happen this soon! I guess he is right - I am kind of impatient & just anxious to see any kind of SE even a bad one like the dreaded IB or the tiredness, thirst, basically anything to reassure me that this is not some kind of sugar pill I am taking! I'm sure it will kick in soon enough! One thing I did experience was breast tenderness last night. I hope that is not a sign. Of all the SEs I could get I want nothing
  9. Hi there I also started Spiro yesterday, also at 50mg/day! I am so excited!!! I have suffered with adult acne for over 15 years. I am now 37 & it is not going away I have tried everything except Accutane. My derm would have preferred I went on Accuntane but I really wanted to try Spiro first so he reluctantly agreed. He is giving it 2 months to see results so hopefully................. Good luck with your journey. Keep in touch - it would be cool to be able to monitor our progress to
  10. Good for you that you have a regimen you love & most importantly is working! I can only speak for myself but I only change when my regimen/meds lose effectiveness or stop working. I have had systems that worked for a few months, stopped & then I changed. Conversely I have had other stuff work for 3 or 4 years before losing their effect! I think as long as its working its good!
  11. OK so first day on Spiro! I took 25mg this morning & just took my 2nd 25mg a few minutes ago! Making sure to remember to keep chugging down my water! This could be a struggle as I tend to go through phases of not drinking much water. Need to keep reminding myself! So all-in-all I am feeling very positive about starting these meds. I am hoping so much that these work but at the same time trying not to get too excited or expecting too much! I have been down this road many, many times
  12. I am going to start taking it tomorrow! In the meantime some background info about me & my struggles with adult acne! I am 37 years old & have been battling acne for over 15 years. Aside from a few teenage spots that we all get, my first major breakout was in my early 20's. Since then I have taken BC, several antibiotics, Differin, Retin-A & RA Micro, Clindamycin, sulphur treatments, Glycolic & other chemical peels & I am sure a few other things that I can't remember. B
  13. I wish I could help you & answer your question but unfortunatly I am just replying to wish you the best. Your story is very similar to mine - I am mid-30's too & suffer from acne & other hormonal issues like you describe. I am also scarring terribly now! I too am trying to get hold of Spiro but my derm is not much help with prescribing either it or Accutane. I am seeing him tomorrow & if he offers me another antibiotic or topical (neither work for me anymore) I am going to wal