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  1. Hey guys! I'm in the middle of my third month of accutane on 80 MG a day (2x 40MG) and my dermatologist recommends me to go for 6 months. But I am going to have a little issue... I will be traveling to Japan for a little over a month to visit my father and from my understanding that accutane is banned in Japan therefor I will not be able to get my prescription for a month. i was wondering if it would be better to take 40MG for a month so that I can bring the left overs to Japan to continue ta
  2. Hey Guys! I'm on my 3rd month on Accutane and It's working great. I'm pretty much not getting any new pimples for a while now. The is that my redness isn't really going away and I have a couple things coming up in a month where I really want to be looking the best I can be. I have read about how using ice packs and putting it against your face for couple hours helps reduce redness. I've also have been using Emu oil that I bought at a vitamin shop but I just ordered some from Australia hoping
  3. Hahaha ya, it is a rip off.. I wish it was a lot cheaper. I'm half french and if I was in france everything would have been free but oh well. The none generic Accutane is over 1,000 dollars a month...
  4. The generic Clarvis costed $488.88 for the month (80 mg)
  5. Hey Andrew, I just read through your thread from start to finish and it's been really informative and I appreciate it a lot. I was also put on 80 MG a day and just started yesterday.
  6. Glad that it's working so great for you man. Regarding the shine, maybe it's your diet or not enough liquid?
  7. Hey Guys! So I started Accutane as of yesterday and I'm pretty excited about it! I previously tried every cream out there, every antibiotic, 2 week detox, and even acupuncture. I've had mild acne since I was about 14. Then got really bad at 15 and started to calm down around 17 but I havn't seen any improvement since then. Both my parents kept telling me that it's the hormones and it would go away... but I'm 21 now so I doubt that is the case. Thus Accutane. Accutane History: I have been on a