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  1. fresh garlic is best 2 take, if buying pill get the onces with the most %& it does help, also try tbsp of apple cider vinger 8% in a glass of natural mineral water 1st thing in the morning & bf bed, that's good 2. Don't do doxy f too long, yr skin will brake out more when u try 2 go off the stuff.

  2. did you try the lemon juice? did it help with anything?
  3. Hey! if you could please keep me informed i would greatly appreciate it... i went to the derm. back in march.. he gave me so retin-a and some other cream and prescribe be to doxycycline.. i am due back anytime to get some peels.. I'm just holding off for a few reasons because for one I'm a tad nervous because if it doesn't help I'm just going to be more depressed.. so please let me know how it goes and would love to see before and after pictures thank you sooo much! hope everything turns out awe
  4. So is this something that you just tried? Or did someone give you the idea? I HATE ACNE AND THE STUPID SCARS THEY LEAVE BEHIND!!
  5. what's lulzy mean?

  6. Okay.. so i recently went to the dermatologist he put me on doxycycline and i have to use metrogel in the morning and retin a micro at night.. i do not use anything to cleanse my face at this moment. i have used everything just like you did because i am very desperate too!.. I just can't wait for this to clear up! about how long did it take you? I also have sensitive skin... what kind of make up do you use?
  7. Hi Derek! I know exactly where you are coming from! I hate this shit too! It's so frustrating! I hate doing things. I just go to work and come home. My bf and I hang out at home. I always just feel like staying in and watching a movie it sucks. I have tried everything. Proactive sucks! Deep Sea sucks! Spending way too much money on things that don't work. I recently went to the dermatologist so I dunno if what they gave me is working just yet. But I recently read where egg whites help. I think I