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  1. hey, do you know what helps alot....I got on spironaloctone for acne, and it clears your right up....but it also does alot of other things....research it!
  2. I have a consult with him in june and it took a few months to even get in there to see him, I don't think he would be that booked up with people flying in to see him if the treatments didn't work but that's just my opinion.....maybe when I get there he will let me see more before and after pictures.....I'll let you know how it goes!
  3. Hi my skin is alot like yours and it used to bother me a whole lot....i still think about it constantly, but I know inside that it will get better soon, I have an appointment with dr.lam in june and he does tca cross and silicone injections, I am not sure what he will recommend but I do know tca cross is supposed to be very effective it just takes more then one treatment......
  4. I explained it to him and something seemed to click in his head. He said "oh yes!" blahdy blah. It seems kinda sketchy? But for some reason I trust him. $700 for the whole face? Or $700 for a few scars each? Do you know what percentage of TCA he will use? When are you planning on getting it done? I am going June 30th and yes no matter how many scars are on your face he will treat all of them for that price......if you feel like you trust him then go with that feeling.......usually that fee
  5. that is crazy, any good derm should know about tca cross.........the secretary told me 700....
  6. I just looked at the info online about it.....it looks like it may work pretty good, especially on wrinkles....I may try it too.........it says it can lessen the appearance of scars and I think it may work if it has that effect on wrinkles.......
  7. have you heard anything about dr. lam?
  8. Yes you are right the consult fee goes towards your procedure....I haven't heard anything about the other doctor you are referring to dr. B.....does he offer alot of procedures?
  9. Oh, okay! Good luck to you (: Let me know how it goes. I'm wondering if I should do TCA Cross... Keep in touch? I will thanks! I am excited and ready to have something done on my skin......I will let you know how it goes!
  10. he does silicone injections and tca cross, my consult fee is 100$ my appointment is at the end of june but i will look up that guy you are talking about....thanks for the info.....but i have heard good things about dr. lam, that's why i made the appointment, but you're right he doesn't seem to offer a lot of procedures.......
  11. There is nothing wrong with him....and his skin looks just fine.........
  12. thats crazy that it could swell up again....but the doctor i am planning on going to does say co2 laser resurfacing is fine after silicone injections.....well im glad you are pleased with your results its just a little scary that its a permanent procedure, but if the results are good that is what you want!
  13. I am planning on having this procedure done soon, I was also wondering under which lighting they do it in......who is the doctor doing your injections and how many did you have done? Hey, is it me u are asking? its just because i tryed the silicone injection the other person just gave some good info... but im not sure? yes i am asking you...im kind of nervous about getting it done and i was wondering who your doctor was......
  14. I am planning on having this procedure done soon, I was also wondering under which lighting they do it in......who is the doctor doing your injections and how many did you have done?
  15. if anyone knows anything about him please let me know before my appointment, i want to make sure i am going to a skilled doctor that will improve my appearance and not make it worse....thanks