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  1. I think this quote says it all: "Yes, my nigga, you're blessed Take advantage, do your best, my nigga Don't stress, you was granted everything inside this planet Anything you imagine, you possess, my nigga" :+)
  2. Staying over for the weekend? I guess in society today that's code for letting him dip his celery stick into your punani
  3. "As a matter of fact I hungout with a girl who did have acne a month ago that I picked up off the street, and she seemed pretty slutty and was texting me about her sexual fetishes and about how she watched porn and all of this, then I met up with her and I felt she wasn't interested and she pretty much rejected me after that." Why do you chase these types of women? It's obvious to any girl within 100 yards of you that you only want one thing. Women sense that and it's a turn-off. This is why
  4. Dude, reading your posts saddens me. First of all I've seen dogs play with burn survivors whose faces were melted off and they didn't care. They literally know NOTHING of your acne and even if they see if their brains will not process that information REMOTELY the same way you do. Also, please see a therapist. It sounds like you have Acne Dysmorphia. Untreated, many people commit suicide. They feel they have no escape, but they do. Work on your skin, see a therapist, change the way you think
  5. SSRI's (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) can help. Look 'em up. Basically, antidepressants.
  6. The reality is there is no TRUE way your acne looks because all color is dependant on it's wavelength. Or something like that. If the world was always overcast all colors would seem darker to the eye, and on a sunny day everything would look lighter and not it's usual color. But it's really just the externa; wavelengths reaching your eyes differently. Or sum shit like that. Brb no idea what I'm talking about anymore.
  7. The world is not a sad place. The world is not a happy place. The world simply is; it does not care for our likes and dislikes. It's our individual perceptions of the world that determine whether we deem it good or bad, happy or sad. My best days; I stress days. Say 'Fuck the world', my sex slave.
  8. You're acne is hideous and makes me hate who you are as a person. Brb not really. You are downright gorgeous. We do not see what YOU see. The mind likes to f*** with us in that way. I would give up red meat just to hold your hand for a moment.