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  1. you made me Laugh Out Loud! But in a good way. BAH, priceless. I usually get sandra bullock or jillian michaels LOL I dunno which one is worse. haha

  2. I bought neutrogena pressed powder and it contains salicylic acid a couple years ago but only really used it in warm weather [when my skin is most oily]. I just noticed it expired in December of 2009. - is it okay to still use, could it be that just the salycilic acid no longer works? or could it just break me out more? theres still ALOT left so i feel bad throwing it out.
  3. What a nice thing to say! :D

  4. does it really feel that clean that makes it any different from any other cleanser? haha
  5. Has anyone tired any of these yet? They have one with ex foliating micro beads I wanted to try, but idk..
  6. so you're sure it's supposed to be this way, and i'm not breaking out because of how dry/irritated my skin is from it? Now i've even got 2 cysts
  7. Aww, thankyou!

    You are too :)

  8. I've been applying it every other day for the last 2 weeks, to try and avoid drying out m skin so much. (still pretty red and peeling) I know it's supposed to get somewhat worse before it gets better, so i'm hoping this will pass after a month. But I was wondering, is it normal for me to get sooo many whiteheads where i apply it? Does it mean it's just taking out the impurities in my skin? I've got whiteheads over whiteheads right now, and it looks pretty bad.
  9. is that you in your picture?

    you're really pretty!

  10. My cousin did this growing up. It helped him, but he had mild acne.
  11. Ooo, i know 2 people who said this worked wonders for them. I was going to try it, but i don't like to be on antibiotics much. :/
  12. Haha.. it feels like back when i had braces and they'd get tightened that i couldn't eat and i'd say the same thing. But now it's because of 2 cyst pimples that are around my mouth, one making part of my lip swell up. It hurts to open my mouth because it feels like i'm pushing down on a bruise. When I get these I can't even kiss my boyfriend 'coz it hurts. Anyone else had a similar issue?