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    yes, that's it, thank you.
  2. Noir


    Hey I don't knwo if this topic goes here, but I'm looking for a thread I read a few days ago, that talked about using baking soda and apple cider vinger to help clear up skin. If anyone knows what I'm talking about amd could direct me to it, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hey I started on a new regimen yesterday. Here it is Day. Phisoderm Bar Neutrogena Pore refining Toner Lightweight Moiustizer (Came in the Neutrogena Acne Soultions kit) Nature's Cure tablet ( thought I would give it a try since it worked on Poboy) Evening Phisoderm Bar Pore Refining Toner Nature's Cure BP treatment, but only on infected areas. Nature's Cure Tablet (And lots of water all day) Already today my acne has gone down and my skin overall looks healthier. I think I was irritating
  4. Noir

    botchlas regimen

    nevermind i found it.
  5. Noir

    botchlas regimen

    What is it? Could you please tell me where I can find the thread for it?
  6. A desinger on While You Were Out. Uma Thurman, and Scarlett Johansson a while back.
  7. I hate wearing makeup and if I only have copule of zits I wont bother to wear it, but my skin has been so broke out lately that I find myself putting it on everyday.
  8. Voluminous is my personal favorite. I also like Maybelline Full and Soft.
  9. I usually find that people who act like that feel like shit about themselves, and they are just trying to make themselves feel better.
  10. Hey all, I just registered. I haven't started the reigmen yet, but plan to soon. This seems like a good place to get advice and support. For the most part my skin is fairly clear but I go through periods where it flairs up bad. My skin has been hard to manage since school started, I think the stress of school is making me break out. This is my last year in college so it is a super stressful time for me. Anyway I've been feeling pretty hopless for the past few months, but I'm glad I found thi