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  1. Im so sorry but the sad truth is your scars are slowly going to come back to what they used to be. Your swelled up right now so you think its gone but itll come back .Lasers are a rip off. Maybe your very very light acne scars might improve but cystic scars are always bad.
  2. Lasers are a rip off, dont trust them, they will not give you your desired results and theyre prices cant be justified in no way. Ive had fraxel repair done and it was horrible.
  3. Wuz up male1234, For the past 2 months ive been working out pretty hard and ive managed to pack on a good amount of weight in a short time, and let me tell you there is no secret to gaining weight, you just got to eat eat eat and eat some more. The best way for you to gain weight is simply to workout. You dont mention working out in your post so im just adding that in, if you take a weight gainer and expect to gain a good amount of weight without working out then your only going to add fat t
  4. I got mama lotion today and that crap burned the hell out of my skin. I really cant believe it because i never felt a cream burn me that bad before and ive taken many different type of retonoids and medications. I even took it about 3 years ago like i mentioned before but it did not feel like it did today. Maybe this has to do with me not using any topical creams for the last year or so but i dont know?? Does anyone else that used this product experienced this. I mean a stinging sensation is one
  5. Im sorry but Bed sheets dont give you acne, thats just in your head because your already prone to getting acne. When im in a clear phase, i can sleep in my dogs Igloo for a week straight and i wouldnt break out, not to say ive done that lol but i guess its more about just being clean not breaking out.
  6. All i can say is dont spend thousands of dollars just to do that small area of scars with lasers. Plus, your scars are so unnoticeable man. Id just say those are enlarged pores, everyone has them. Id say your going to be more upset when you get older.
  7. What could be a good product then that can help with pitted scars? Are there any creams that help in any way over a year span? I know you have to be patient with creams but im being very ignorant by not trying something at least that can benefit me over time.
  8. My scars are very identical to yours and i guess i could be of assistance when it comes to advise on treatments since ive done a couple. My first advise is DONT do lasers. CO2 FRAXEL.....they are way too expensive and simply dont work. I really think a monthly treatment of dermabrasion is probably the best thing according to people ive talked to. It gets better though over time, ive ahd scars like yours for 4 years now and it looks better when the redness goes away
  9. I relate to your story identically. I went to get Fraxel repair for my scars about a year ago and the appointment seemed great. The Dermatologist said I would recover in 2 weeks to go back to work and I would see a 60% improvement with a couple of treatments. Before going under the laser, I had a big warning sign but i ignored it, the papers i had to sign for medical reasons and such had a front page that showed what the procedure was for. There was 20 checkboxes and none of them said Acne. I ha
  10. I actually fist fought my 30 year old brother because of my acne and his constant insults. The worst thing is that he indirectly refers to my acne scarring. He doesnt say it to my face but you know damn well that hes talking about it,example, "Damn, look at my hand theres so many little holes on it and theyre so big? Or he wil look at his birthmark and say damn that shit left a nasty ass hole! He says it in such a special way though. Now i dont even talk to him for something so stupid. He is fu
  11. Wow, i dont know about feeling weird by not having acne but i can totally relate with you about planning things by how i feel about my face. Its unfortunately an ordeal we must go through but its been 6 years now since ive had acne and the last year more so than any other year is when i ve come to care less about how bad my scarring is, Which plagues me more than acne at this point of my life. I dont know how old you are but with time i think you are going to come to grips a bit more with your s
  12. Acne is unfortunately unattractive, but like you i met some people that have it bad and its incredible how confident they can be. I wasnt able to be like that too much but I guess some people are just stronger than others. Then again, ive acted confidently many times in public with bad acne but deep down inside i think we all are hurting a bit and saying why me when we realize how rare bad acne is.
  13. Hi everybody, Its been a while since i posted here mostly because i had a bad experience with Fraxel which made me kind of in a good way, not be so conscience about my face anymore. Kind of like, i tried something, it was expensive, didnt work, ill be smart and wait for something thats truly worth the money in the future. Anyways, I remember trying this product called Mama Lotion a while ago and I would appreciate if anybody could tell me if they used this and it helped out their scarring. I use
  14. Is this as strong of a procedure as fraxel repair?