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  1. I'm going to start to take a fish oil supplement. Does anyone have any particular brands they found to work? or are supposed to be of higher quality? I don't mind paying more if its a better product. I've done some research and it seems that a lot of the claims fish oil companies make tend to be false.
  2. I'm currently using the regimen, but I have basically run out of the moisturizer. I ordered more ahead of time but due to the absurd amount of time fed ex takes to bring it to me, I have to go to the store to buy some in the mean time. Does anyone have any suggestions on what works best with the regimen? I'll probably just be using it for a few days until I get the acne.org mositurizer and then keeping it incase I run out.
  3. Last time i ordered jojaba oil i still had some left so didn't use the bottle that came in the mail which was about a month ago. Well today i went to use it and noticed there to be a small patch of brown something looks like mold in the bottom of the bottle. Never have seen this with any of the other times ive ordered jojoba oil. Is it safe to use? or should I return it?
  4. Not sure exactly how I am supposed to use the sunscreen with the regimen? Do I put it on after I use the moisturizer? Or do I use it as a moisturizer?
  5. At first I didn't mind the new moisturizer as I had always thought the last one wasn't very good, but I have to say this stuff sucks. I don't feel like its that moisturizing, and I don't know how anyone can put it on in the morning with something to do. They tell you to use 3 pumps, 3 pumps of this takes an unbelievably long time to absorb in, and it leaves your skin shiny for hours(and i have dry skin). Is there any other moisturizers out there that people have used that don't cause breakouts b
  6. I was on the regimin for a while then got clear and stopped hoping i could stay clear without my face being red. Didn't work and now I'm back on it. I've been on it for a few months and am really clearing up, but after I apply my morning regimen my face is really really red. Like you can see on my neck exactly how far down i put the bp. I've been using Jojaba oil before I put on the bp currently using 2 pumps. (btw after i put on the bp and put on the moisturizer my skin burns like hell for a go
  7. Anyone have any good suggestions of an acne body wash, other than using the regimen supplies? I have recently had my back breaking out bad and i'm not really sure why, I would prefer the body wash be benzoyl but I'm not ruling any out if someone suggests it.Thanks
  8. I have just ordered the acne.org bp,moisturizer, aha, and jojoba this is the first time i've gotten jojoba oil. The reason i ordered it is because since i started the regimen like 6 months ago i have all ways had redness to my face. I was looking on the forums about it and saw a few different ways to use it one says to put it on before bp not exactly sure why, and the other way says to mix it into your moisturizer. My skin is kind of dry nothing excessive get a little bit of flakes but im mostl
  9. I have had the same problem, when I first started I thought the regimen was great. But soon I noticed all of these red marks on my face where the pimples used to be.(which I never got before starting the regimen.) I highly suggest using acne.orgs aha+ it works very well when you have been on the regimen for over a month i wish i had started it sooner it is definitely helping me with fading the marks. I guess jojoba oil is supposed to help as well but i can't speak from experience.
  10. Sorry that post was so bad lol typing on my phone. What I was asking is it okay for me to do the regimin tonight and can I use aha
  11. I was at a water park two days ago and got a sunburn on my face it's mostly gone and pretty mcha tan now but I still do have some redness would it be okay for me to use the Reims. Tonight and I was planing on using aha but if I shouldent that's fine.
  12. Well I thank you both for the help/advice! It really is nice knowing that there is a place where I can go with questions and get helpful answers and great advice on what to use. I just wish I had known about this website sooner I actually found out about it from a friend but now it seems whenever I google something about acne i see acne.org come up which is awesome.
  13. Earlier today i had ordered more bp and moisturizer so i decided to get some aha as well and ill probably start using it every 2 days, I really want to take it slow with it because i made the mistake of using nuetrogena's as a regular moisturizer and paid for it lol but i will definitely look into the avon product price doesn't really matter but in your opinion you think its the best for fading red marks?
  14. Yeah I have had the red marks from the time my face started clearing up so about a week or two into the regimen and i know that the 2 months doesn't seem like a big deal and its not i can easily deal with a couple months i just don't want to be dealing with these marks now over a year from now.
  15. @sportsfan- Are you still on the regimen as well as using the vitamin e oil? I have thought about putting it on my face but decided not to for fear of it causing me to break out and i didn't really know a good time to put it on before or after moisturizer.
  16. After being on the regimen for 2 months most of my acne is gone but only to be replaced with redmarks that look just as bad. Now at first I read this was normal and fade with time. But never really any specific time frame. I have read post from various users talking about having red marks for over 2 years and no fading, is this the catch with the regimen? because i have used other treatments that haven't worked nearly as well but have made improvements on my acne without leaving red marks at all
  17. Im currently on the regimen and have almost cleared up all my acne, but im stuck with terrible looking red marks all over. Every third night I have been using nuetrogena healthy skin lotion with aha so i know that is supposed to help but i haven't noticed any results. I have a bottle of vitamin e oil with 100 iu per serving that i have been taking a serving every morning for the past few days. I'm wondering is it worth taking for red marks? Also on this site i have seen so many different recomme
  18. In my opinion it absolutely makes red marks stay longer, and i'll even go as far to say as bp might cause them. Before I was on the regimen I had bad acne but when pimples did fade I didn't remember any red marks, as soon as I started the regimen the acne went down but left red marks that look just as bad and now my face is covered in them.(I've been on the regimen about 2 months). It sucks the bp does this but is also the only thing that has made big improvements on the acne i had.
  19. The reason I ask is because I don't ever remember having red marks before going on the acne.org regimen. Now it's like every pimple i had turned into a bad red mark that wont seem to go away. I'm thinking of using less bp or maybe cutting down to once a day or using a very small amount in the morning and the full amount at night anything to get these red marks off. I have seen a lot of different things to use for red marks but is there anything that dan recommends that is supposed to help and be
  20. patriots81

    1 month of the regimen.

    photos of my face after one month of the regimen almost all of my active acne is gone just dealing with a few pimples but a lot of red spots.
  21. patriots81

    Day 90

    That's awesome I really am happy to see that it has worked for you, im only on week 2 so i still have a while to go but shows that its worth the wait.
  22. My face is the same way when i use the moisturizer my face gets pretty red the problem is i usually am on my way to work or going to bed when i do it so i don't really know how long it takes before it turns back.
  23. Three pics from the left,front, and right side of my face showing any differences from the regimen after one week.