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  1. calm down anyway, after one more rejection today and one more death blow few weeks ago by my ex who ruined me many times before, i finally give up on bullshiting myself, people are superficial, expecially women with their huge egos and shallow standards, im tired of suffering, tired of everything, fuck people, im done feeling anything we are all the same, we are all hypocrites and nature always wins, even when it doesnt look like it im done
  2. Not really afraid, but with every year i feel like Im slowly dying. My face is becoming more dehydrated from years of bp, Im getting more scars every day, my beard is getting bleached, skin just dont stop going to shit overall... There is no cure, and there are no working treatments without side effects. I would accept all that regardless, cause I really want to live my life, at least a little bit. I would accept it if there is at least one girl that will love me no matter what happens to m
  3. what makes you think that people who dont choose that route dont already help others when they can??? and saying that someone deserves to have acne is pathetic, who are you to say what someone deserves, we all want to be happy, and when we are happy we can help more, we are more positive that way there are more ways to help others that dont include money, you think someone will be truly happy inside out when you just throw money at them, meh, i dont know why i even bother
  4. where did i called someone a fool? of course im chosing based on my fucking emotions, no money in the world would made me more happy like a clear skin, i dont care about money i could be homeless, life is more than money, and no money can cure acne and lol about logical choice, imagine someone who had acne their whole life with scars all over and acne all over, always slaping some treatments that make more harm than good and worrying about what they can eat or not, on which side are they sleep
  5. people who want money obviously dont know what chronic moderate/severe acne means or they are just getting started with their long journey, or maybe they still believe in outgrow fairy tale lol would chose clear skin over everything else, i mean everything
  6. i meant the smell of bp ^ ^ nevermind, its ok after all i guess, it is a little watery but shaking it does the trick somewhat, and it seems it works, time will tell one good thing i noticed is that it doesnt dry the fuck out my skin like 5% did, i know its summer but still, my skin even looks more natural wtf (except from my typical tanned look which i dont mind since im pale lol), wish i ordered it sooner, i never thought 2,5% difference was that big, mind blown
  7. bump i never used dans bp before, just tried it and it has some very familiar smell but i cant remember, plus its kinda oily when i smear it with my fingers is it normal, i ask because i used some other brand (5%) for a few years and it looks, smells and feels totally different, dans bp is more yellowish but note quite, hardly noticeable, its not perfectly white like the one i used before, did i got fake bp? how can i know if its real, it would be stupid if i use some shit on my face
  8. i hate lotr but yes, i understand your point its not just acne but everything, wear this, dont wear that, you cant do that you will end up in mental institution etc, bla bla bla im planing to spend at least one day in a weekend cottage this summer, alone, sitting by the fire outside, watching the sky, listening to music and enjoying my freedom, there will be no one to mess with my little perfect world
  9. being confident just to impress others is not real confidence take someone attractive for example, they appear confident, so what if something happens to them, car accident etc and their face gets deformed, will they still have their confidence? true confidence is more than trying to please other people, confidence is when you are happy with yourself in every situation, it doesnt mean that you should give up your goals but you shouldnt be like "if things arent going my way im fkd" either
  10. no masturbation or sex lol i didnt, its just above homers head lol but i agree that there should be lots of it, we should be taking a bath with bp instead of water
  11. ... Is this our whole life? This kind of game? Kinda fkd up, dont you think? Super Acne World. We are chosen for it, be grateful.
  12. @aanabil first of all, ty for taking your time to suggest some things i checked Treatacne profile, its interesting but shes using b5 etc... i dont think its really healthy in the long run whatever the dose, Im trying to avoid pills as much as i can shaving -hmmm im usually getting more serious acne on places where is no facial hair, except my forehead, which was always pretty clear growing out of it? nah, i dont think so, If i ever do i would probably just wake up and realise it wa
  13. Khm. My acne is roughly 8 years old (15-24), and sometimes I just feel like giving up treating this nonsense, I think I have the strength to actually do that even though I have more severe type of acne. Treatments managed to get me somewhat clear but they all take something in return, plus you still have acne waiting in the shadows, so whats the point? - scars? Nope. I never scared before using harsh topicals every day. And my face dont really scar when I stop using them, topicals caused all my
  14. i dont doubt they heal if you let your skin be, but my acne persists and dont seem to get better with time (15-23) so im stuck with bp which is drying my skin and causing scarring, never had a single scar before it, now im getting indents everywhere, even where i dont have acne, some are even widening and going deeper, i would quit but lets be honest what options do i have, experimenting with other things, expecially going to dermatologists will only result in more acne and probably cause other
  15. its funny, my face is less oily when i dont get enough sleep and if i take a nap during the day for a couple of hours i get really oily and dehydrated, cant figure out why