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  1. i don't judge people that talk to me with acne. I don't usually notice ever, and someone was just telling me that one of my friends had bad skin and it struck me because I had never really thought about it. And after I had for about one second I moved on. So, people i talk to or know I don't really physically judge. first off I have a few zits here and there, and a horrible complexion. So, I'm not a beaut to say the least. But, to be honest I do judge people I don't know. I guess I critique
  2. i just started using neutrogena oil free acne wash and its really good :) u should try it..

  3. nothing on my end either :( i'm trying to change my diet, but I just can't bc I am a bad planner. What face wash do you use?

  4. hey ms lily i havent a cure yet but at least now i know what i treatment i want to get done :) i will start beginning of next year.. hows everything with u?

  5. have you found a cure?

  6. Try to work out in the mornings, so that way you can go without make-up on and then wash your face for the first time of the day after you are done working out. Or else work-out at night/later with your make-up on if you need it, then you can just wash like you normally would at night. those are really the only ways you can get around washing your face twice a day only. I guess the best thing for you to do if you continue to work-out during the day is just lightly blot your face with a dry to
  7. Thank you for the comment! I smile lots to take attention away from my acne with my giant teeth! x

  8. this is a joke. how do people do this. hm. i am detoxing tomorrow, because i keep fumbling on my diet. I'm doing a 10 day juice fast and then cutting out sugar and nuts (and possibly soy)
  9. ^^thank you so much!! i feel the exact same way. and i think to myself "now 'i'm going to be self conscious about my stomach and my face if i keep this up.." haaahaha, and it's true. crap, and it's swimsuit season. i should really stop this. it's been a daily habit these past 3 weeks. ughh. not taking any meds anymore that would cause this.. i just eatttttt. it's sort of mindless, and when i realize i'm doing it i usually think "huh, well whatever" and just keep eating. but this is not he
  10. why do i eat so much at one time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhhhhh. i thought i was over this.
  11. ...ok. i almost convinced myself that this wasn't a big deal.. but obviously it is...
  12. I like reading all your stories, and I really do agree with all the people saying that the person who loves you will not care about your acne. But, unfortunately I have no stories. Never dated.. never know what to say to guys and don't really want anyone to be that close to my face..
  13. you have a beautiful smile !!!!!!!!!!!!! have a great day!

  14. I started seeing results in 5 days, but very small changes. I think three months in I was pretty much as clear as I got. I always had a few small bumps and a white head every now and then. But, nothing like what I have now. So.. it will take a little more than 2 weeks. I would just not go on it. Avoid the chance you could get a yeast infection, and find a different way. But, then again, if you do want to be clear for the next few months go for the mino. I was practically clear for 3 mont