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  1. I have visited a discussion topic on myskin.com related to back ance.Here i came to know about back facial.Many Day spa's offer this service. A thorough double cleanse is done to clear the skin allowing your esthetician to analyze the skin on your back through a magnifying lamp. Exfoliation is done with a body brush or a scrub. Depending on the severity of the acne a chemical peel can be done using glycolic acid or another alpha hydroxyl acid. This will help to break up the dead skin cells and s
  2. The general consensus especially when it comes to adults is that if you keep your face clean and well nourished, acne has very few chances of cropping up.You can get acne scar cream from myskin.com.Here product recommendation comes up on the basis of your skin profile. A good read on AHA is http://blog.myskin.com/expert/what-are-ahas/
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    Oily Face

    You can try homemade hydrating face masks. For oily skin rose-based mask ,mud/ clay based masks are great for balancing out your skin.
  4. For many months my skin acne scares progressively got worse. I tried 20+ lotions, but most of them gave me zits, I even went on a prescription for a month for acne treatment (I hated it). Now I am fed up to take any further acne medication that is why I started using natural home remedy which has finally worked- you can try this also.“Apply Garlic and honey. These two foods will help lighten redness and slow down outbreak. Don't apply too much garlic because it will burn and smell unpleasant
  5. I can't stop reading all the threads ,sounds interesting.I wish this would work better for me..
  6. I have suffered from acne all of my life I have tried just about everything imaginable, I start using Cetaphil about a year ago from a friends recommendation and after a few weeks I noticed my skin started to clear up, I was surprised as I didn't think it would do much for my acne but I was wrong, as of today I have clear skin and best of all it is very soft like a newborn baby, so I would highly suggest this product for you.
  7. Cut out dairy and red meat - This really helped with my body acne. I'd recommend you try avoiding all forms of dairy completely for at least 3 weeks to see if there is an improvement. You can replace dairy milk with rice milk in cereals and drinks. Drink warm water with lemon juice added throughout the day.
  8. I appreciate all the expertise shared. My skin is very dry, I even have eczema. So I have tried many products, finally I got my right products form myskin .com recommendation which comes up on the the basis of my profile. I love Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizers for the face during the day. Now I feel like I have on a different face that is completely moisturized.
  9. The general consensus especially when it comes to adults is that if you keep your face clean and well nourished, acne has very few chances of cropping up.â€You can use the paste and put it on your face the paste consists of water and sesame seeds. “It is from basic things in natural acne treatment.
  10. I appreciate all the expertise shared. It’s definitely been trial and error for me to know what works for me. I suffer from body acne, that’s why I always try to gather acne related information. Recently I read an acne treatment blog on I found it very informative.
  11. You can check the blogs on mySkin.com as they are very helpful. After the birth of my baby I suffered from acne & I had no time to take care of my skin. I visited myskin.com and the blogs I came across were very informative. Skincare related tips on mySkin are like a women’s dream come true.