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  1. Thought would post my Accutane experiance so it might help others. I started accutane after going to new derm for a cyst on my back that I wanted gone. My face was in bad shap at the time also. He asked if I wanted to try accutane or try some antibiotics first, I was 33 at the time and had tried everything else, so I decided to go for it. I start at 40 mg daily but my skin actually got worse way worse, so at next apointment he said I should step down to 20mg a day and that the course would tak
  2. I'm male 32 had acne forever, but I have stopped looking in mirrors for a few years now in fact I avoid them at all costs, even when putting crap on my acne or combing my hair(keep my hair short), when I wash my hands in the bathroom I make sure I only look at the sink also. The only time I look at my face in a mirror is in the shower to shave. I think it started when my acne got real bad and I would look in the mirror and immediatly feel the life get sucked out and would get depressed. My acne