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  1. MoSser

    Day 14

    There are officially no pimples on my face!!!!Wooo! So, my face is fantastic right now!About last week, I had a really bad breakout again, but that was to be expected, I was on my period, had just started a new face regime, and was eating a looot of bad food (See: On my period lol).But I just kept on truckin' and now there are no more active pimples! A few red marks, especially around my chin, but they are fading fast :)Now my biggest problem is skin flakiness. Right after the breakout my skin l
  2. MoSser

    Day 1!

    Eek! Okay so I just got my package from Acne.org in the mail today - I think my entire neighborhood heard me smile (if that makes any sense lol). So officially, tonight I will start The Regimen. Well, the Slightly Altered But Hopefully Still Effective Regimen~ One little surprise was that I got two bottles of the Cleanser instead of a bottle of Cleanser and a bottle of Moisturizer. But, it's all good! I had just started using Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, which I reallly like and has been