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  1. Too funny ... I don't even remember what fruit tastes like. I do supplement Vitamin C, and I eat a ton of different veggies, and every once and a while I'll have a few blueberries, but that's really it. Once again, I'm way-skinny, and I have a full physical every year and I'm healthy, so apparently the "Dr. Atkins" diet, as we called it back-in-the-day, is okay
  2. Hi, sorry, finally replying to PANIC's threadpost question from June 14 ... I never went off the anti-candida diet that I described. So I've been on the diet for 15 years.
  3. I record cooking shows on TV, and then I cook the recipes that work within my diet. Gotta' eat anyway, much cheaper than eating out a lot, and it's a wholesome 'hobby.' Recording the shows lets me rewind / pause as needed. And it's much more engaging / entertaining than just following recipes in a cookbook
  4. www.vitaminshoppe.com. All Solgar bottles have very classic looking gold labels with black type ... I just looked at one of the bottles in my cupboard, they've been in business since 1947. And I prefer Nordic Naturals for fish oil. Good reputation for freshness. Good luck
  5. Hi, regarding the candida issue, more than 15 years ago I realized that I was contending with one yeast infection after the other. In response I gave up bread, pizza, pretzels, crackers and beer in 1995. The only cheat on the bread is an occasional 'pita-wich.' I probably have less yeast in my system than anyone else in Virginia . But I still have mild-to-moderate acne, and have had mild rosacea, and have had severe hives, so all of these realizations and changes-in-response are all excellen
  6. Hi, regarding Joris' question about insurance coverage, my internist highlighted the chronic hives (urticaria) to get my insurance coverage to cover at least part of the cost. My hives had gotten very bad in addition to my other skin issues. I had been to an allergist 3 years earlier, and he had discerned I was allergic to salicylates (advil, aspirin, certain foods), and I had never had another advil again. But the hives ultimately got worse, and my internist agreed to food intolerance testin
  7. Solgar is a brand. Been around for about 60 years. Good reputation for high quality.
  8. I've had bikini line laser hair removal. I'm glad I did it, but it was expensive, $400 a treatment, I had 5 treatments and should have had probably 2-3 more but stopped ... it was rather painful actually, but it does work. I had no scarring at all.
  9. I had my food intolerance testing earlier this year through the ALCAT lab is Florida. I have not eaten an egg since, per their recommendation, and I'd say my chronic hives are 95% better, my rosacea is 95% better, and my acne is 50% better. I've become the biggest fan of food intolerance testing on the planet! My internist drew blood, sent it to the FL lab, I went back to my internist for the results several weeks later, insurance covered some of the cost, my total out-of-pocket was $275. Mo
  10. The broken red caps on the nose can be part of rosacea and have a specific/long name that starts with a "T." I've been struggling with mine for years. I've tried a ton of products, read a ton of articles, and short of going to the plastic surgeon for what really is a fairly simple procedure but costs $500M or more the ONLY thing I've found so far that works pretty darn well is Neals' Yard Remedies Rose Facial Oil. Good luck!
  11. Rolling Stones = You can't always get what you want ... ... 'but if you try some times, you just might find, that you get what you need."
  12. Granny was a 9 on the scary meter, pink kitty is maybe a 5? Too funny