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  1. fuck those people who try to bring us down because of acne .... our time will come soon ;->

    heres wisdom ..

    "We are, we are the saints

    We signed our life away

    Doesn't matter what you think

    We're gonna do it anyway";->

  2. haha, i like your words of wisdom(; haha, but still, it is annoying, adn it sucks that it's the first thing everyone notcies :/ not fun

  3. yeah ....we just got to hang on until..we find a cure ...its kinda like a punishment .... but i thinks its for our own good acne ... makes us wise

  4. ugh ikr ! i have alot of that its so annoying, i hate acne its so annoying

  5. Yeah .. i dont have much acne these days but lot of redness .... its really pissing me off ......

  6. thnx, it's still suckish, wont go away, hows yours

  7. cool avatar pic, anyway... how is your acne?

  8. ha ya ikr they always given us crap and then they act like they care when they actually don't give a shit about you....if only things had less drama now a days

  9. lol ... my school sucks too .. used to have lot of assignments and the teachers didnt give enough time to finish them its like they did it on purpose

  10. name's Taylor :/ not original, but I didn't name me so dont blame me......and school would be better if there weere less annoy people/teachers..and motivation

  11. i know how you feel ... hang on and you will be fine ..... i hate school too .. iam just otta high school anyway ,you didnt tell me your name? iam Nikhil

  12. I bought Mederma cream today. It's supposed to get rid of my acne scars cause I gots alot on my forehead. Did it work for anyone?
  13. I hate you XPP school sucks but i go back tuesday....not fun not fun.....i hate that place so much

  14. Got lots of work ... but the cool thing is that lamb of god are commimg to India on 15th may its gonna be awesome

    how is your school ...?

  15. eh not much, same old smae old crap,what about you?