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  1. Thanks for the positive words, guys. Really, I shouldn't complain. The situation I'm in right now is MUCH better than the one I was in six months ago. That said... time for some more negativity... I'm breaking out again. After almost no new pimples for 3-4 months... I've developed like 5-10 new whiteheads in the last 2-3 days. I bled for the first time in months yesterday, and again today. FKKKKKKKK. I'm not waiting this time. I'm gonna call and make an appointment with the derm immediately. I
  2. Pretty upset, to be honest. Just saw a plastic surgeon to see what he would say about the scar tissue left over from the worst cyst of my life between my eyes. I should have known he would say: "Come back in six months." The entire visit, from me signing papers in the waiting room til I left was 20 minutes. I still had to pay a $20 copay and go through all that bullshit. AND those guys get an extra $80 from my insurance. Fucking thieves. So... I am very thankful that my acne is pretty much go
  3. Does it make your face red when you use it? I also think it's working for me, but I will only put it on right before bed because it makes me beat red when I put it on. I wake up less red and then look normal after washing my face... but right after I put it on I look like hell.
  4. I just finished up a 7-month course of Accutane on January 27, four days ago. While I no longer have any active acne, my skin still needs a bit of work to get to where I want it to be. I have a lot of facial redness, some scarring, and a bump that needs to be taken care of with plastic surgery, unfortunately. When I expressed these concerns with my dermatologist at my last visit, he advised against any sort of real measures to correct scarring or the bump for "1-2 months." He basically told me
  5. DONE WITH ACCUTANE I took my last pills on 1/27/11 which was my 210th and last day of Accutane. I have virtually stopped getting new acne. I'll have one or two new pimples a month, but often I don't even notice them until they're almost gone. I couldn't care less about them... I just hope that my "acne" stays that minor. Unfortunately, the bump between my eyes remains. My dermatologist told me that it's basically just scar tissue that needs to be "punched out." He referred me to a plastic surg
  6. The ACV doesn't irritate my skin, but I use it pretty seldom... maybe once every 2-3 days. And ditto on the emu oil... I kinda stopped using it. I'm trying out tea tree oil now. Not sure if it's doing anything, but GOD the smell is strong. Day 175 I had my 6 month check-up yesterday. Things are almost exactly the same as they've been for a solid three months. I haven't had a new pimple in about two months. I still have, however, the two most persistent spots in the world. The one bet
  7. Day 142 Things are going pretty well. I've pretty much stopped getting new acne. If I'm getting anything, it's small and not important enough for me to even notice it... because all of my attention is still on the insanely persistent cyst between my eyes. It swelled up and popped about a week ago. Then it scabbed... then I had a few days where I was happy with my skin. Now it's swelling up again. I expect it to pop like Monday or Tuesday. It's ridiculous to think that I've had this cyst since
  8. Hey dude. Thanks for posting in my log. Sorry to hear that the stuff going on on your chest is so painful... acne sucks just by itself; when it's accompanied by pain, it's just like "WTF why?" Take the advice you gave me though, it's good advice. Don't get discouraged and hang in there. You're still pretty early on, but you're right at the point where things should start to get better. Your back looks way better already. Also, while it's tough to see the bright side when dealing with this shi
  9. Day 120 Had my 4 month appointment a couple of days ago. My bloodwork was really good, so I'm up to 80mgs now. I haven't been getting much new acne at all, and what I have gotten has been very mild. I still have the two persistent cysts that I've been talking about for months now, though. They're both much less angry than before, so hopefully they'll be gone soon. I'm doing pretty good right now.
  10. I've been on accutane for ~105 days and I'm almost clear. However, I still have a couple of pimples that are taking a VERY long time to go away. One of them started out huge and has been slowly shrinking for about a month and a half. The one in question, however, is much more troubling to me. It's a large cyst/nodule (not sure of the difference) right between my eyes. It continually pops and then refills. Whenever it pops it doesn't completely drain... I can tell because it never gets complete
  11. Day 102 Things are about the same with one pretty big change. I've got a side effect that I'm hoping I won't have to live with for the next few months... but I kind of think I will. It's gross and painful, so I imagine it will be gross and painful to read... don't say I didn't warn you. For lack of a more scientific term, my pisshole is red and irritated. I'm guessing it's dryness... but it's really quite uncomfortable. Whenever it rubs against my underwear or whatever I'm wearing, I get a twi
  12. Day 95 I had my derm. visit last week. He said I'm clearing up well and I was happy to hear that my bloodwork came back better than before, which I didn't expect due to drinking. My skin is definitely getting better and better. The only active/inflamed stuff I have right now is PERSISTENT though. The cyst next to my nose that I mentioned ON DAY 46 is still there, albeit much smaller. It's shrinking and shrinking, but it's taking so damned long. Honestly I don't care about that one much anymore
  13. Thank you for your uplifting words. I don't feel nearly as bad as I did Tuesday... it was kind of a "first day of class, huge cyst, extremely self-confident" type anger. I took a look at your blog and I have to say that your improvement is incredible. How much longer do you have to be on Accutane? You don't seem to have any "tane-burn," did you ever deal with it or is that just not a problem you had?
  14. Day 75 I'm in a pretty bad mood regarding acne/accutane/redness right now. I don't have too much active acne anymore, but what I do have is gross. That cyst I first spoke of on DAY 46, A FULL MONTH AGO, is still there, albeit much smaller. I also have a nodule that has been repeatedly filling up and popping right between my eyes above my nose. It's a scab right now and who knows if it will refill/burst again. Ugh. I guess I'm just discouraged because things got a lot better really quick in the
  15. It's definitely reassuring to hear that it's common. I don't understand why, though, it's only in the face.