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  1. I've had a very good experience on Yasmin! I took it a few years ago and although it didn't make my acne worse it didn't make it much better either. I then used Dianette with great success. But Drs here take you off Dianette after a year and I tried Cilest... which made my skin progressively worse, oily, blotchy....so then i tried Yasmin again. Within a week i could notice my skin drying up and becoming even toned....I have been on it for about a year now and I'm still having good results. I use
  2. The juice contains acids which soften your enamel. Dentists recommend you either water down the juice, drink it through a straw or drink it, rinse with water and leave your teeth for a while before you brush them so you don't remove the enamel. Green tea shouldn't be as bad an normal black tea for staining.
  3. MJ.23 - thanks for your reply. Really glad you get good results from the tea. Will look in the supermarket next time i go too. It's great that you can use any brand of rooibos to get results. Good luck with getting back on track.
  4. Ah ha! A person in the UK! How have you got on with the Rooibos from Holland and Barrett - I'm off there in a minute to get some.
  5. Great thanks for all your replies and clarifying the accumulative effect of milk over years. I already live quite a healthy lifestyle... running/swimming/dancing, home cooked food etc so my next step will be to cut out milk just to see if it is that again.... here we go again!
  6. Yes i have these ridges too!! Aswell as the digestion multiple skin problems mentioned above.... I am definitely going to try the capsules ....
  7. I'm going to give the HCl a go too. I have acne, IBS (bad pain, gas etc), recurring skin fungal infections etc. I'll report back soon. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  8. Can someone please explain why when I was a child/teenager I ate skimmed milk (apparently worse than semi and whole milk) and didn't have acne. I only ate it with one bowl of cereal, in tea and occasional cheese. I never drank it straight. When I was in my early 20s I got acne often on chin and jawline. I had continued to eat the same amount of milk. Then a few months back I cut out milk (I;m 26) and I got good results but as I has started a new pill and a new AHA/BHA gel etc I figured it wa
  9. I've been using either La Roche Posay Effaclar foaming cleanser, Avene's Cleanance foaming cleaser or Vichy's Normaderm foaming cleanser. Found all of these really useful (they're all French Thermal Water ranges) and i use whichever I can find. Avene's really easy to get here in the UK and the other two are more difficult, but I love them all and like changing between the three!
  10. Just wondering, as I am using the Avene Cleanance K and am wondering whether I should try the LRP Effaclar K instead to see if I get better results. I have found the Avene product great for evening out tone and texture but it's not really doing anything for acne. ANy recommendations? Thanks
  11. I've been using Avene's Cleanance K which is a treatment you apply AM and/or PM (i just apply PM as sometimes I've noticed balling with my make up) and this contains AHA and BHA. You can get it in Boots or online and some more independant chemists. I've definitely noticed a better texture to my skin - its smoother and I think a little more radiant generally. However I haven't noticed any improvement on my scars/hyperpigmentation but then I've only been using it for a couple of weeks. I've not
  12. I'm still improving greatly. Almost at the end of the 2nd pack and I have no new large spots, just pigmentation. I did get a tiny spot on my forehead but its haling v quickly and is easily covered with make up. Everything is looking much better!
  13. I have just started to use Cleanance K treatment from Avene and have noticed they also make Diacneal which also seems to be good. Does anyone use them together and if so how? Do you get good results? I have read on the sticky on this part of the forum that it is ok to use AHA/BHA and retinols together, but to be aware that starting them together can cause excessive irritation so its probably best to introduce one at a time. Therefore I'm definitely going to go slow with introducing both product
  14. I've started my second pack of Yasmin and my skin has calmed down recently again. Spots have healed a lot and i am now left with pigmented marks where they were. Only one is now a proper bump still. Skin is still improving in texture!