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  1. I'm having Levulan + IPL for oily skin, acne, and scars. Seems pretty intensive. 3-4h levulan incubation time + IPL. They say redness typically last for 5 days. But I'm hearing all these stories about IPL causing fat loss, scars... which concerns me.
  2. Buy some jojoba oil and put it on. Just curious, how often did you do your lemon mask?
  3. I was recommended by the office to use hydroquinone at night 2 weeks prior to the IPL + Levulan treatment. It would make the treatment more effective and make the treatment safer. I was wondering if it was ok to use jojoba oil after I let hydroquinone dry for about 15 minutes. I was also told to use sunscreen because of increased light sensitivity when going outside but I broke out either from hydroquinone or the sunscreen. I'm going to continue using hydroquinone and use sunscreen only when I'
  4. I also have 2-4 breakouts from the first 3 days of use.
  5. do you know what setting you used? Any pre-treatments? I have a darker skin and I'm getting a bit concerned.
  6. Scary stuff.. Are these negative side effects very common??
  7. I'm about to have this done and I wanted to hear some stories about this procedure. I've done Levulan with blue light without much success but the incubation time was only 45min. The office will have me incubate the levulan for 3-4h and use IPL and maybe blue light after. I am asian, med-dark skinned, and I was told to use the hydroquinone to prevent hyper/hypopigmentation from IPL two weeks prior to the treatment and it will also make the IPL more effective. Anybody stories out there??
  8. Yea I believe you just do IPL for the red marks. I'm having it done with Levulan for extreme oily skin, mild acne, and moderate red marks.
  9. facne, are you having Levulan done also with you IPL?
  10. I'm have a massive acne breakout right now. I did Levulan PDT with blue light, 45 min, 8 min respectively. I was red only that night that I did the treatment and did not peel. I washed 2-3 times a day after the treatment with mild soap and put moisturizer on. About 3 days after, I just washed and didn't put anything on. 2-3 weeks later, I got the most massive breakouts in months. Right now I'm using Coral Kavi soap and jojoba oil and lotion, they did not break me out before. What is going on
  11. Do you have oily skin? Do you see an improvement with oily skin with IPL?? or is it just with levulan + IPL to have an affect on oily skin?